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You may not be aware of this, since discussion has mostly gone on in the dark depths of Talk Amongst Yourselves, but the ever-awesome Kotaku community is currently in the midst of creating an Indie game as a giant, mega community project. Here to give us all the details is Chuloopa, who'll be keeping us up-to-date on the project as it progresses.

Take it away Fruit Loops...

In The Loop

As most of you may well already know, the omnipresent community at Kotaku AU have set about making their very own indie game! For those of you not in the know, here's a little update on where we're at and whats going on, and for that matter, what isn't.

It was only a few weeks ago the Kotaku chatterbox and resident Duke of Bargaining, TadMod, put forth a proposal that we should concentrate our unique (and possibly non-existent) skillbases into one utterly brilliant colaborative piece of chocolate-covered awesome.

The call was put out and many of you answered, joining our little blog and raising your dainty hands before even knowing what would be required of you. This alone is testimony to the blind dedication of many of our fine readers.

Among those subscribers, TadMod, Welbot, and thistler have really kicked it in the next gear with an abundance of ideas, tutorials and, let's face it, some damn awesome dreams where I am a Go-Kart track! These are the guys that are going to make this project a triumph and are already showing wicked amounts of support and leadership to the comunity.

That's right, i said wicked - i'm taking it back.

But i digress.

So what have we acomplished in these past few weeks? Not a heck of a lot. Thing is that it's a busy time of the year for everyone, so all development has been put on standby until after the Xmas/New Year break, when we'll kick things into full swing. In all honestly we're just waiting for the boatload of slaves to arrive to do our coding. Till then it's just a whole lot of discussion and idea throwing.

On the upside, we have actually now got a full list of who's doing what for the project. That list is below;

TadMod – Spy Project Lead/3d modeler/3d animator/Voice Actor/Level Designer Thistler – 2d concept Artist/ 2d artist/ Voice Actor Josh Washout – Composer/Sound Design Lead Randeep Dhaliwal – Gameplay Programmer/Level Design Aiden – Research/Writer welbot – 3d Lead Batguy – Gameplay programmer f4ction – 3d modeler/3d animator/ 2d artist/ level designer Tristan Hennessy – Play Tester/Voice Actor/Marketing Jeff Kent – Sound Design/Composer/Voice Actor/Script Writer syvRaen – Gameplay Programmer/Programming Lead jimuhsien – 2d concept artist/2d artist/Voice Actor/2d Lead Luke Eller – 3d modeler/Gameplay Programmer Haggis McHaggis – Gameplay Programmer Chuloopa – Voice Actor/Writer FatShady – Texturer/2d Design Sughly – 2d concept artist/2d artist Shane W Smith – Voice Actor/2d artist/Script Writer

That's a pretty impressive list of volunteers, if you ask me.

That being said, if you wish to join, you can hit us up on the Collabratory page or send us a letter via carrier pigeon.

Heck, join up even if you don't want to help and just want to sticky-beak about the place - everyone is more than welcome.

So that's it from me for now. It's not much, but it's something. In the next update expect some info on just what it is we're making and how your pigeons tasted!


    Here's a handy link :) http://collabratory.com/ sign up for a user account and then click "groups" to find the Kotaku AU group!

    Can't wait to hear about what you guys will be making. Alas I don't have much in the way of skills to offer with only a rudimentary knowledge of programming and no art skills to save my life, I will happily help with testing, as I think this is an area I might be useful.

    Great Article Loopy! :D

    In relation to people joining, we're truly trying to cut down on people!

    That's the only thing I disagree with, but sure, if you have some talent and want to help out, feel free to join and I'll try and find a place for you :D

    Again, awesome job Chulpa! This is starting to get exciting! :D

      What ever happened to "the more the merrier"

      I guess i am being a bit trigger happy :P Sorry chief!

        Nah, nothing wrong with more people, I just don't want it to get unwieldy!

        Don't worry about it Chulps, it'll be good to get more talent, just hopefully not too much! XD

          That's a perfectly understandable viewpoint. I have been a part of one or two projects like this before and unfortunately you usually have lots of people with lots of enthusiasm that tend to drop off after a short time. Keeping the team small but dedicated is probably for the best, and signs of a good team leader :)

    Interesting. If I didn't already have a couple of my own projects going, I'd volunteer my coding skills. Oh, well.

    I hyperlinked the site, but obviously it didn't go through properly.. oh well

    Here is is for those of you that want to join us anyway:

    Massive thanks to Mark for giving me the opportunity to do this - hopefully i won't let the team down.

    i would join, but you guys already have alot of 2d artist, also im still a noob. :(

      Join up Noob, I need more slaves down on the oars, this car doesnt move itself along the tracks.

      Ohhhhh, metaphors mixed...

    wtf... this is so freaking cool! good luck and i can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

    what i lack in talent, i make up with the following game idea:

    so you play as the manager of a circus. and you've got all these freaks around: a woman with a moustache; the tallest man; or like a man who's just a head!

    Awesome artical, and many a lolly or two. Thanks loops! *ehugs* I can't wait to get this project into full swing, should be heaps of fun! :D

    I have no technical skills to offer, but if you'll ever need a female voice actor, hit me up!

      Actually, we will. The main character is female (but you didn't hear it from me). :P

    I was going to join, but I was thinking of my skillset. Not that impressive... Unless making pacman and a breakout clone in game maker means anything? And I didn't think my Java skills would be very helpful for a game :P

    I definitely want to stay tuned on the progress though.

    I can't really commit to anything now, but you do seem to have a bunch of willing and able people anyways.

    I'd love just to be able to sticky-beak, as Fruit Loops puts it, to see how things work and hopefully contribute to the next project, though. :P

    There should be polls on kotaku to decide on design elements :D

    Then it would be truly community designed (and I think it'd end up pretty damn bizzare too).

    hoho i just requested membership as sunneh!

    Don't worry TadMod, I won't intrude on your work! I'm happy to proof read and edit anything (and everything!) and do research (ala ACB, where you'd look up stories and obscure places and theories etc etc) basically research and editing (didn't wanna cut aiden's grass with writing) since you always seem to need people for that


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