A Gorgeous Indie Game That's Giving Me Space Madness

This is Orbitor, a game from Evil Alien, an indie studio from Canberra, Australia.

Before you go saying it's a fancier Angry Birds Space, don't; I've actually seen this project before, at an earlier stage, and having been in development for a while it pre-dates Rovio's game by a long shot.

The game's got project pages up on both Kickstarter and Steam's Greenlight, which are linked below.

ORBITOR [Greenlight]

ORBITOR [Kickstarter]


    Wait, isn't Greenlight supposed to be for games that actually exist (and need to be distributed), and Kickstarter for things that need funding to be created? Seems a bit dodgy being on both... the Kickstarter page implies it's already made and they are basically just selling it now, which is surely against the rules...?

      You've misunderstood the Greenlight purpose. You are able to post a game up for review from any state in the production, even as early as pre-alpha. However, you are more likely to get positive votes from a game that is further down the development path than earlier. Some of the game that have already been Greenlighted are still in Beta for example.

      Greenlight has many games that are either still in close beta or only have a demo out. A current favourite of mine is Project Zomboid that with its current development rate will not be released for another three years.

      I don't think it matters how far you've completed the project for the kickstarter there are a lot of projects on the kickstarter that just need the money for post-production and marketing, and for the Greenlight one there are projects on there that are still in pre-production up there so i don't think they have to be completed to be on Greenlight. And i don't think its dodgy being on both its more like making sure you have something other than Greenlight especially since Greenlight has just been a gold rush of games on there, so being that lucky 5 that get through can be a pretty slim chance.

    this looks great, goggling for a copy now :)

    To believe this came from my shithole of a town. AWESOME

    Looks like a cross between Osmos and Waves

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