Your "Space Captain Game" Fantasies Might Be Coming True

Your "Space Captain Game" Fantasies Might Be Coming True

Galactic Princess, a game that should be on the radar of every Mass Effect & FTL fan on the planet, is now up on both Kickstarter and Greenlight.

In Galactic Princess, you need to get a crew, design and build a ship then set off to save the princess, exploring and shooting your way through the universe.

The Kickstarter page has one very cool feature I hadn't known about before: there's going to be very little HUD in the game. Instead, you'll need to check the instruments on your bridge to see how things are going.

It'll be out on Windows, Linux and Mac...whenever it's done.

Galactic Princess [Kickstarter]


    Yes, but I'm waiting for a non-retro one.

      Same or at least a different aesthetic from the five thousand other indie games.

        The faux-8 bit style was cute the first dozen times but now it reminds me of that brief period in the early 2000s when every second game out of Japan was cel-shaded.

          Count me in too. I began playing video games when they came on cassette tapes. I've enjoyed and appreciated every leap forward in graphical fidelity that made games feel more alive and vibrant, so I have no desire to go backwards.

          It's like my piece old crap Toyota Lite Ace I bought for $500 when I was 20. It was a piece of junk but at the time it was awesome and I cranked November rain on the stereo and had lots of great sex in the back with my wife. It was a crap ride but it was the best I could do. I love remembering the old days and smiling and having warm thoughts, but there's no way in hell I want to drive that noisy fuel guzzling abomination around nowadays.

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          I said this months ago and got torn apart for it, glad some others seem to agree. Pixelart while nice, has its place, but now it just feels like it's being used to pump out a quick game to make money. My 386 had graphics like that for fucks sake and I agree, while the occasional retro game is spiffy and neat, it's being way overdone like the WW2 shooters of the early 2000's and the current 'modern warfare clones' etc. Let's see some effort. I'm all for gameplay above graphics, but lets not forget that graphics CAN make the game more appealing to some degree.

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            I just think there are so many talented artists in this industry that their talents are being squandered on pixel art. I think indie developers have seen how successful the art style can be in selling a game bit don't give that game it's own look. which is a massive shame.

            It's like, pixel art is to indie games what the colour brown is to AAA games.

            Which reminds me of two things



        Star Citizen, when they stop sending out stories and instead send out a game -_----

    just give me my bloody space game already, so many cockteases

    space quest 5 was good for being a captain.

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