Angry Birds Hurl Themselves At The Small Screen

Angry Birds Hurl Themselves At The Small Screen

Angry Birds. It’s the craze that’s sweeping the nation. Well, many nations. And soon, it’ll be the craze that’s sweeping TV sets (or computer monitors), with an Angry Birds animated series on the way.

Rovio, the developers of the smash hit mobile game, has found a partner (or partners) to “move into production” on an animated series that could appear either on television or the internet.

Round, furious birds smashing into things may sound like a wafer-thin premise for a TV show, but as a child of the 1980s, it’s no less flimsy than any other series that was made just so it could sell toys.

It’s a great deal for Rovio, who are already making a packet from sales and licensing of the franchise, but not so great for Electronic Arts, who recently bought Angry Birds’ publishers, Chillingo, as the deal didn’t include any licensing rights. Bummer.

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