Bulletstorm Gives Us One Epic Shower Scene

Bulletstorm Gives Us One Epic Shower Scene

I don’t know how you should feel about seeing Epic Games president Mike Capps in the shower. I’m still trying to figure out how I should feel about a game that urges me to preorder by calling me “dick tits.”

This is the first in a series of promotional videos for Bulletstorm known as “Bulletpoints,” an obvious homage to the Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey shorts that used to run during Saturday Night Live.

Not bad, though I don’t see the point of calling me names. And here I thought Bulletstorm was made of classier stuff.

Now I am going to worry all day that my breasts look like a penis. Thanks, Epic.


  • Need… to… pre-order… this… game!!

    Did you guys know that EB games are giving away Bulletstorm water pistols with a pre-order?

    This is one Dick-Tits that needs this game!!!

    Mark – there should totally be a copetition for this game!

    Contact epic and tell them we’ll run a competition where the person to improvise the best insults get a copy of the game!! I’m sure they wouldn’t be able to say no to that!! If they do, kick them in the chest and call them a Minge Biscuit!

        • The competiton or Serrel-naded?

          Because i’m going to have a lot of trouble following that up.. that was… EPIC!
          I’m going to try anyway!

          Mark-ed for Death?
          Lock, stock and two smoking Serrels?
          Flaming boot?
          Pale comparison?
          Flying Scotsman?
          Serrelicious Severity?

          Nope.. none as awesome… damn it…

          • lock stock and smoking serrels actually made me piss myself xD

            maybe we need two competitions, your one chuloopa, and the best serrels themed skillshot!

          • Serrel Peril
            Magic Marker

            and as for normal skillshots
            Arm Removal Spree: Armageddon
            Leg Removal Spree: Legs Luthor
            Head Removal Spree: Guillotime (or a felatio joke)

            Nipple Cripple (obvious)
            Pre-Emptive Zombie Prevention (Shoot a grave (cause every game has a graveyard))
            Van Gogh (shoot an ear off)
            Up yours too buddy!(shoot a middle finger off)
            Epic Deja Vu (Stomp a downed (knocked down, sleeping) person’s head in (curb stomp style))

  • That’s pretty golden.
    The game looks like it’s gonna be quite fun, in an over the top and entertaining world, which is something that I’m really looking forward to. I love me military shooters, but I also crave some classic one man vs a world of enemies.

    Good idea Chuloopa +1 for that!

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