Call Of Duty For NGP 'Will Set The Bar' For Next-Gen Portables

PlayStation Portable owners haven't seen a Call of Duty game on their platform since 2007's Call of Duty: Roads to Victory. That will change with the arrival of the next generation PSP, the NGP, says Activision.

Philip Earl from Activision took to the stage at Sony's unveiling of the PSP2 to show the Call of Duty publisher's support for the handheld in the form of a new Call of Duty game. "We believe that NGP will change the way people play games on the go," Earl said, "and what better way to prove that, than with Call of Duty."

"When considering the OLED screen, dual analogue sticks, touchscreens and social connectivity options, the possibilities are endless," Earl said.

It's that last item on the list of features that has us most interested, considering Sony's push for integration between the PlayStation 3 and NGP. If your future Call of Duty games could feature persistent progression across both the console version and the portable one, that could be quite the hook - not to mention the opportunity to sell double the Call of Duty games to PlayStation fans each year.

No formal announcement yet about what Call of Duty NGP has in store, but expect big things closer to the handheld's launch.



    If COD is anounced for the NGP release I will line up a week early (work permitting) to get one!!!
    Goodbye PSPGo, hello PSP2 + COD :D!

    Just no.

    thats a suprise, never would've thought activision would release on every console available or coming out...

    wait a sec.......

    This might mean the PS3 no longer gets gimped versions, doubtful though

    I'm already in line for one. I'm out in front of the Apple Store, George Street with my beach chair, KFC hand towel wipes and a box of Burger Rings...pop by sometime. This will be the best 2011 ever.

    Looking good

    Playing it online with perks and unlocks on a portable system sounds fun if they decide to do an online component of the game. But who am I kidding, I would rather play the Modern Warfare and Black Ops online on PC, so I might skip.

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