EA CEO: Discs Are Here To Stay (For Now)

Come on Mr Riccitiello! Make up your mind! On Monday we reported your claim that digital would be "bigger than the packaged goods business" in 2011 - now you're trying to tell us that game discs are here to stay? Do you have some sort of Twilight Zone split personality or something?

In part two of James Brightman's interview with EA CEO John Riccitiello at Industry Gamers, he goes into detail about how he feels about cloud gaming.

"Do I believe longer term that the disc will go away?" He begins, "Not any time soon. I think the disc can actually be a great starting point for a digital business, like an MMO, World of Warcraft, for instance.

"Pushing that off to the side for a minute, we make services, we don’t make products, and I think the challenge I would have in answering the question the way you framed it is I don’t think people want a streaming game service. I think they want their games to work. At times, that will be delivered best with streaming. At times, you should just download the game. For example, I think it’d pretty silly for us to stream Scrabble to you. We’re talking about three minutes, you’ve downloaded the words perfectly, you can play with your friends, the tiles move back and forth… why would you want to pay for bandwidth for us to redraw a Scrabble board sixty times a second? That’s just sort of bad math, if nothing else."

We can see his point - and we actually agree. Cloud gaming is a great concept, but gaming needs to be driven by pragmatic solutions that work with the tech we are using today - not the tech we'll be using 5-10 years down the track. We have no doubt that Cloud Gaming, and media-less consoles, are the future - but the near-future? That's what's up for debate.

EA CEO: Game Discs Not Going Away Any Time Soon [Industry Gamers]


    And i guess EA's DRM is here to stay as well?

    Oh joy,...

      People still play games on PC?

      Oh joy,...

      Hmmm you realise cloud based gaming is the ultimate DRM right ?

        Not saying i dont like DRM... Just some DRM is abit over the top...

        Steam DRM is what i preffer :)

        Always-Online DRM is what gives me the $***

      Ah, but they don't use DRM; their games ship with a -service-. That's why not one news outlet reported that Command and Conquer 4 launched with an incredibly restrictive kind of DRM: EA obfuscated the issue.

    I don't really see why they need to do anything but publish on Steam. It fulfills all their DRM requirements, and also ensured the Digital Distribution function...

    Man, am I sick of having to sign in to my Steam account, then my EA account, then sometimes a GFWL account.

      Sounds like putting a disc in was way too much effort for you, no wonder the next logical step is that signing in is way to much effort.

    Somebody got a "talking to" out back after the last news release. ;)

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