Final Fantasy XIII Gets Second Chance With Second Game

After years of build-up and waiting, Final Fantasy XIII was released to mediocre reviews. The game was a disappointment. If at first you don't succeed, try again.

Regardless of fan bickering or indifference, the game was a monster hit for Square Enix, moving over six million copies.

The game's developer, Square Enix, is working on Final Fantasy XIII-2, a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII.

Square Enix has only unveiled the game's logo, which showed Final Fantasy XIII heroine Lightning as well as a new, unnamed character. It is thought that this character is Lightning's rival.

Unlike Final Fantasy XIII, which was originally only slated for the PS3, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is penciled in for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, right off the bat. The game won't have the wait that Final Fantasy XIII did. According to Square Enix, it will be released in 2011.

ついに正式発表! 『ファイナルファンタジー XIII-2』PS3&Xbox360にてリリース [Kotaku Japan][Pic]


    They're going to have to seriously re-work all the world mechanic's for this. The combat was interesting but the endless corridors/linear path stuff was what really ruined the game... and the totally bullshit story.

      Did you just say the combat was interesting?

    FF XIII-2?

    Why do I get the feeling this is going to wind up like X-2?

    Unless a demo comes out first, I do not think will get a new Final Fantasy game again.

    Is it just me, or has this series gone down hill since Sakaguchi left?

      It definitely went downhill after he left. However I for one am hoping XIII-2 will be like X-2. X-2 was better than XII and XIII put together.

        Be careful with what you wish for. I ignored X-2 as I found it to be a demonstration on how far Square could get away with the design of their female characters.

        What's there stopping Square from doing the same thing again?

          Are you talking about the costume changes? Or Paine? Regardless, Paine was badass and I'm a girl so I love playing dress-up. :P

            Im a boy (In a man's body) And I also love playing dress up.
            In FFX-2
            Dragon Age Origins

            The list goes on...but if I remember correctly dress up has been a staple of western RPGs for a while now...

            Sorry, I should have phrased that properly. The complaint I have is they basically took Rikki and saw how far they could stretch a square foot of fabric.

            Do not get me wrong, the Job system is interesting - it was fun in FF5 - but the problem I have is it easily makes the characters Jacks of all trades but masters of none. I prefer it when a character is given a class and it does not change.

            Adds to the challenge as you have to plan you battles around the characters while also having contingencies when having to form multiple parties.

              I enjoy those types of games too.

              If you remember you could only have so many jobs available in a fight, so you had to prep the needed classes before battle or decide on an all round choice that dealt with all situations.

              I think some of the dress grids with better bonuses gave you less slots for dresssphere too.

              FF seems to go back and forth between the multiple job style game and the stuck as one style.

              I like FFIv very much and it was a stuck in one.

              You just have to go in knowing that its a different kettle of fish. Like when you play Mario Kart you don't expect a gran turismo~

      X-2 was an excellent game!

        Jimu, why is my opinion getting to you? If you personally like the game, then it should not matter if I bag the game to the moon and back.

        My opinion is how I saw the game, and as a fellow human being am I not entitled to it?

          I have a rare disease called
          Pointless defence syndrome.

            Seriously though, I like to come on Kotaku and have my opinion challeneged and I enjoyed defending it.

            Like a good non-violent argument.

    i might be one of the few who's excited with this
    loved ff13
    agree the linearity is one of its downside, but it's still acceptably fun for me to play
    (nothing compares to ff6 though)

      FF6? Same here, :).

      I have not finished it, but I still hold it as the best Final Fantasy in the series.

        I never get the old FF6 is best. I played through to the end and never finished, it was fun but I don't know what all the praise is about.
        That opera scene that people love really rubbed me the wrong way. To long, I just didn't care.

        Kefka wasalso not very scary for me, he's an actual CLOWN!

        FFV is still my fav SNES FF. 8 will always be my alltime fav, good timing with that one though as I had just finished high school at the time.

    "We need something to prop the stock price up. Quickly, go through the asset list and rough out a story!"

    I honestly can't understand how anyone could not like FFXIII. It's almost perfect in so many ways.
    It has a great world, great story, great characters, great character interaction, great graphics and great gameplay. There is almost nothing not to like in this game.

      I do not mean to be rude, Dire Wolf, but Final Fantasy 13 does not appeal to everyone. If the game turns out perfect for you, then it's perfect for you.

      I for one got tired after 12 hours. My problem is the game is like another Metal Gear Solid - a movie disguised as video game.

      While it is true that the music and graphics are top notch - I give them top score - the game play made me feel like I was optional (it didn't help that the battles could be set to automatic either). The story was too heavy, the shopping system was useless and the level up system was basically a rip off of the sphere grid in FFX.

      Then again, I am just one and I am entitled to my own opinion. If you personally like the game, then my opinion should not get to you.

        I'm pretty sure 13 was the same team who did X-2, they prolly consider the level up system an "evolution" of what they did before.

        Personally I think they took ten steps back!

          Let me put it to you this way: if Sakaguchi was still there when they finished FF 13, he would torn off his own mustache.

            Well we've always got Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and if it turns out alright Last Story.

    Well hopefully XIII-2 is better than the original. I was one of those people who didn't mind XIII, the incredibly linear side of things was a huge let down of course but not enough for me to crucify the game like many others did. If they opened up the game and bring it back to the old days then I'm sure they'll get many fans back.

    Also, is that picture from the actual game? If so, looks like they followed the X-2 pattern of showing more leg. Lightening already had short shorts, the costume in that picture shows skin right up the the cheeks.

    Hopefully the new character is more likable than the existing FF13 characters.

      Let's hope so. After a few moments of hearing Vanille all I wanted to do was put a car sized cork in her mouth.

    Am sad panda that Versus 13 isn't coming to Xbox.
    I really didn't enjoy 13, but I may give 13-2 (God what a name) a go.

    I'm hoping that they do something different with the combat. I actually kind of liked the paradigm system, but at the same time I felt it took away a lot of control from me - I just had to trust that the game would do certain buffs/debuffs first, and heal the right people, and while it was great most of the time... it irritated me.

    Otherwise, I just hope I can actually finish 13 in time for the sequel. I'm stuck, and really can't be bothered grinding just to get past one cavern...

      Ditto on a new fight system. I would also dig a few towns to visit and some NPCs to have repeat lines at me!

    I wish they'd just make and release ff versus 13 instead.....

    I'm staying off till Square Enix hits rock bottom. Probably around Final Fantasy XVII. Hopefully by then they will realise their way of making games... isn't making games...

    Though.. Sigh... I would cave if they made another in the "Chrono" series.

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