Half-Life Devs Say New Processor Will Bring "Console-Like Experience" To PCs

Intel showed off today a new processor called “Sandy Bridge”. Awful name, but it’s a promising piece of technology. So promising, in fact, that the boss of Valve was on-hand to pat it on the proverbial back.

With the studio developing Portal 2 with the “Sandy Bridge” specifically in mind, Valve boss Gabe Newell took to the stage at the Consumer Electronic Show and said “It’s a real game changer for us. This allows for a console like experience on the PC.”

What he means is that the chip, which is so powerful it combines a regular processor’s functionality with that of a graphics card, goes a long way towards doing away with PC hardware specifications. If you’ve got a Sandy Bridge (God I hope the product’s final name is less creepy to type), it’s hoped that you’ll be able to drop in a game and play without having to worry about your CPU, GPU, etc, just like console owners can do.

Emphasis on hoped.

Intel Unveils Sandy Bridge [IBT][image credit]

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