Hands-On With Kid Icarus Uprising, A Superb-Looking 3DS Game

Hands-On With Kid Icarus Uprising, A Superb-Looking 3DS Game

It might be a little hard to appreciate how good the 3DS’ Kid Icarus Uprising looks in this video. All games look better in person and not under funky lighting. But, surely you can see?

Kid Icarus was the best-looking game I played on the Nintendo 3DS at today’s New York City pre-launch event. I had to turn the 3D off for this video, since you can’t see the 3D effects unless you are playing the game on the 3DS, not that the 3D was the game’s visual strong point. It wasn’t. The vibrant game world was. It was colorful and well-populated with colorful, impressive enemies.

See that two-headed flaming dog thing? See the crazy lasers at the end?

In the course of the six minutes here, you’ll also see me, a lefty, grapple with seemed to be controls created for right-handed gamers. I had no choice but to use the stylus in my left hand, since I had to use my left thumb on the 3DS’ analog-stick-style circle pad. The discomfort was fading just a few minutes in. It was odd, but I can get used to it.

Kid Icarus Uprising is not confirmed for the 3DS launch window. Who knows when it’ll be out, but if you like your Kid Icarus as a crazy shooter, Sin and Punishment-style, then you’ll probably be happy.

(Additional video production work for this post by Bryan Ridgell.)


  • NO NINTENDO! Didn’t you learn from Pokemon Dash and other Nintendo DS game? Heavy use of the stylus marks and wears out the bottom screen unless you are VERY gentle like this guy seems to be trying to do.

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