iPad Games Need To Use These New Multi-Touch Features

iPad and iPhone games are, in my humble opinion a real driver for new and lapsed gamers to find their way into the fold. Angry Birds is a glorified flash game to be sure, but your Grandma loves it. That, in its own way, is an achievement. But with Apple finding interesting and innovative ways to manipulate their multi-touch surfaces, I'd like to see some of these new features utilised in games.

When you consider that relatively imprecise controls often tend to limit what kind of games can be played on an iPad, surely the increased surface size, and the amount of functions now being applied, could result in new, innovative ways to play. Imagine an RTS where you can grab, control and manoeuvre units quickly and efficiently - or a puzzle game like Echochrome that allows you to manipulate shapes to solve problems.

In my experience multi-touch seems really underused. The only example I can think of is Cut the Rope, which allows you to cut two sets of ropes simutaneously, but that's simple, common sense stuff.

Isn't there a developer out there that can blow my mind via multi-touch?


    I don't know, only a few years ago my grandma was surprised that monitors "are in colour these days". I'm not really sure she's ready for Angry Birds on an iPhone. Her brain might explode or something.

    Any game that has a dual stick thing (like minigore) is using multitouch...

    I'll take you up on the RTS challenge. I'm stuck without power in the floods, perfect time for some game designing.

    The problem is more fingers on the screen means less of the screen viewable, and more of the action you're missing. It becomes a contortion contest so you can actually see what's happening.

    There's Red Alert for the Ipad, which may fit the bill

    Couldn't agree more. Someone just has to do it, and they will be rich and famous!

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