Is 3D Is Making Everyone Barf?

Is 3D Is Making Everyone Barf?

If 3D causes you feel ill, tough crap. 3D is here to stay.

According to optometrists, as many as one in four individuals either experience eyestrain – or worse, become dizzy or ill.

One study of 115 South Koreans found that viewing 3D close-up causes more eyestrain than 2D, reports Fox. This lead the South Korean government to recommend breaks every 15 minutes, which is what Nintendo is recommending for the 3DS.

Reports out of Japan state that players had difficulty viewing the 3D effect at a recent Nintendo event in Tokyo.

An unscientific survey by American Optometric Association concludes that 25 percent of Americans experience discomfort ranging from headaches to nausea due to 3D.

The human eye must work extra hard while viewing 3D, hence the eyestrain. This is anecdotal evidence, but one optometrist says those who become car sick easily will have problems with 3D.

Yet, despite this, Hollywood continues to make 3D films and the game industry continues to embrace 3D. Last year, Sony called 3D gaming the “most anticipated technology”.

Researchers are working on more realistic displays that should lessen these issues, but that those displays are years from hitting the mass market.

In the meantime, gamers can enjoy (?) 3D on their PS3, or soon, 3D-glasses-free gaming on the Nintendo 3DS.

3D Images Make Millions Sick, Yet Tech Companies Push On [Fox News][Pic: Getty]


  • One thing we’re forgetting here is it takes time for your brain to adjust to 3D gaming. When I brought my NVIDIA 3D Vision for my PC, the program recommended I start at 15% depth, before increasing it slowly as I got used to it. It took about a week before I could play on 100% depth without seeing double images. The people who find themselves a little woozy would probably be fine if they turned the 3D down a bit and let themselves get used to it over a few days of play.

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