Is Electronic Arts Really Not Making Games For The Next PSP?

Is Electronic Arts Really Not Making Games For The Next PSP?

There was one glaring omission from the list of developers working on games for Sony’s powerful new portable, the NGP.

While the list included developers big and small, from Tecmo Koei to Activision, publishing powerhouse Electronic Arts was nowhere to be seen. Why?

It’s not just what we want to know, it also seems to be the question Electronic Arts is asking.

“We are discussing the issue with Sony but have no announcements to make today,” Electronic Arts’s spokesperson Wendy Spander said. “EA has a great relationship with Sony. We are the number one publisher on PS3.”

As Spander points out, Electronic Arts is a huge supporter of the Playstation 3 and one of the largest publishers in the world. EA head John Riccitiello has even talked about his excitement about the device’s potential in the past, saying:

“Having something as powerful as a PlayStation 3 in your pocket is a pretty compelling idea.”

That’s why it seems curious that while rival Activision got time up on the stage during the early morning press conference in Tokyo, Electronic Arts didn’t even get a mention. Also curious: EA not simply confirming their support of the device when we asked.

Hopefully things will be sorted out soon and we’ll start hearing about some other amazing game series hitting the NGP like Dead Space, Mass Effect and Bulletstorm.

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