LunchTimeWaster: Isle Of Tune

Part Sim City, part... music making thing, Isle of Tune isn't your typicaly flash game. In fact it isn't your typical game, period. It is however, a lot fun, and a welcome change to the deluge of 2D platformers and puzzlers that usually make up the roster of LunchTimeWasters.

Creating your own music from scratch is definitely a challenge, but made engaging because of the visual aspect of it. The most incredible part of Isle of Tune, however, is the fact that you can share your creations - so give it your best shot and leave a link to your creation in the comments below.

Isle of Tune [via Luke Eller]


    that's really cool. I had a quick crack at it: Lot's of fun :)

    Pretty cool, but there is a distinct lack of video game tunes.

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