Plans Afoot To Make You Think ‘Saints Row’ Without Thinking ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Plans Afoot To Make You Think ‘Saints Row’ Without Thinking ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Saints Row is the video game series many of us think of, with good reason, as the premiere Grand Theft Auto imitator. In theory, we won’t think of the next Saints Row that way.

“All I can tell you is that [pause]it’s all good,” Danny Bilson the head of “core” games at Saints Row publisher THQ told Kotaku today in New York when we pressed him for details on Saints Row 3.

But that wasn’t all he could tell us, because we wanted to know if Saints Row should still be thought of as a wild Grand Theft Auto.

“In my mind its incredibly outrageous and will have less and less relationship with Grand Theft Auto.”

Details? Not yet, not from Bilson. “A secret weapon isn’t a secret weapon if I blow the secret,” he said. THQ has publicly promised Saints Row 3 for the fall, but we haven’t seen it yet.

(Screenshot from Saints Row 2)


  • Just played SR2 and loved it for what it was: a shameless GTA-clone with some very clever innovations that changed the feel completely.

    Will be interested to see what they’ve come up with.

  • when i play GTA i think i had more fun with Saints Row
    such a fun game! i hope i can still ride a bike and swinging my sword at people

  • SR2 is kind of like San Andreas 1.5 – didn’t look as pretty as GTA4, but about 20 times as fun. Even the glitches were a laugh.

    If they can make SR3 look current gen, then it’d be a day one purchase long before GTA5 would be.

    • For me, SR wil never overtake GTA. San Andreas is an unbeatable game. But I do enjoy it and it will be interesting to see if they have improved the physics.

  • GTA 4 actually took some features from Saints Row, such as having a phone you can dial at any time to meet up with people.
    Not only that, but Saints Row 2 was probably the most fun I’ve had playing a video game in the last decade. I lost days and days to that game. Saints Row 2 pretty much perfected the badass and over the top fun of early GTA games. Rockstar now seems to be making more serious games, which is good, but I still love having a franchise that can give me simple crazy fun and hours of gameplay and customization options.
    Saints Row 3 needs to hurry up and show its face.

  • Glad lots of other people feel the same way. I was disappointed with GTA4 because I didn’t feel it was very ‘fun’, so when I picked up the original Saint’s Row on a whim, I was in absolute heaven. I’d found the spiritual sequel to the GTA franchise. After I finished, I immediately went out and bought SR2, and had even more fun!

  • Saints Row 3??? Bring it on! I can’t wait. GTA4 seemed to take itself way too seriously.. well, with the exception of Brucie.. he was my favourite character in that game. SR2 was heaps more fun, stupid, crazy fun. What other games do you know that has a flashing and streaking minigame!?! It seemed pretty much that if you could imagine it, you could do it in SR2… and the multiplayer! Oh my god, some of the most hilarious gaming moments I have ever had were playing online multiplayer in SR3… not even really playing the game, just tooling around, chucking people of the highest buildings you could find etc.. brilliant!

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