Saints Row The Third Revels In The Absurd

If Grand Theft Auto is a caricature of modern crime and society, Saints Row The Third is... something else.


    This is where i saw GTA series going after 3,VC,SA well maybe not this far out there. But they all had their own unique style that kept the game fun and fresh even after having played it for 100's of hours.

    To this day i still have not been bothered to finish GTA IV. It was imo boring.

    Though i am curious what happens in this game because if im already badass number 1, seems like it's a complete sandbox and nothing more. And while that to can be fun nothing like solving missions in completely random ways

      You haven't read the story yet I suppose. You're in a new city so have to build up your gang yet again.

        fe, just the way he was like we want you to feel like your king already kinda suggested that wasn't the case.

        Eh not that it matters get more play time out of this than i will out of most of the Singleplayer games this year

    Is it just me, or is this video showing the game as being choppy and visually-laggy as ass? Do they not have good PCs to run it on over there? Or is video-capture at the same time just a little too much?

      Judging by the button prompts, it was the 360 version, so go figure. Didn't look choppy when I was watching the vid.

      And saints row 2 has always been rather punishing when the world settings are all up.

      First off, it's a console game. And I doubt they would show a game that's choppy if it was actually choppy, my guess is it's just the video.

      They were playing it on 360, if you noticed the commands on screen.

      It kind of reminds me of GTAIV but way over the top. Not a bad thing since I liked GTAIV.

    This is just the E3 footage. I want more MORE DAMNIT

    Looks like great fun. Though I do hope they've tweaked the driving enough since Saint's Row II.

    This looks amazing! Streaming in the city whilst flying the jet at that sort of speed is very impressive

    Ahh, gratuitous destruction. The best kind.

    It's stupid and pathetic and immature!!! This kind of shit is a disgrace!!!

    Oh hang's not a continuation of a game series from the 90's that was crude and ridiculous for it's time that has been updated to achieve the same results in a much more accepting social climate when it comes to sex and violence in popular media?

    Well then, carry on. This is totally acceptable!

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