Saints Row The Third Remastered Looks Bloody Gorgeous

Saints Row The Third Remastered leaked earlier in the week, but we now have a brand new trailer to gawk at and a confirmed release date of May 22 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The trailer leans into the smash-bang ridiculousness that the Saints Row series has become known for, but it also shows off just how stunning this remaster is. Skies are re-rendered in salmon pinks and glowing hues, streets shine brightly and character models are crisp and clean.

You can check out the release trailer in all its shiny glory below.

Every texture, character model and visual has been updated for the refresh, rather than a much simpler across-the-board upscale. In a game preview shared with Kotaku Australia, the team emphasised the importance of upgrades to lighting and shadows in particular.

Saints Row The Third was originally released in 2011 and the capabilities of game engines and visual graphics have advanced phenomenally in that last decade. The game doesn’t look bad now, but there’s a certain blockiness, jank and lack of sharpness when replaying it today.

New technology has allowed developers Sperasoft to make a smorgasbord of changes to the game – all of which were listed in a press release provided to Kotaku Australia.

They include (but are not limited to):

  • New lighting engine with physical based rendering and global illumination
  • New ambient occlusion methods
  • TAA and FXAA implementation
  • Enhanced fog with volumetric effects
  • HDR sky support
  • HDR rendering
  • Increased traffic and pedestrian density
  • Enhanced depth of field and motion blur
  • Improved VFX
  • Enhanced environment reflections
  • Extended post process
  • High resolutions textures, UV corrections and unified Texel Density
  • Enhanced foliage rendering and grass view distance
  • Removed animation compression
  • Enhanced planar reflections tech

You can view some comparison shots here.

The care taken here is clear, as is the passion that Deep Silver continues to have for the Saints Row franchise. Saints Row The Third is good, ridiculous fun and this remaster will give a whole new audience the chance to experience it for themselves.

Saints Row The Third Remastered released on May 22 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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