Shooting Zombies Is Harder Than It Looks

Those plucky survivors in zombie games always make killing zombies look easy. But just how easy is it to nail headshots against a wave of ravenous flesh-eaters when the guns are real?

In this video, part of Rooster Teeth's great Immersion series, two men with firearms experience show that if you already know how to handle a gun, then yeah, it's pretty easy. They even make it look easier than a game.

Put a shotgun in the hands of a lady who's never fired one before in her life, though, and you quickly see why there aren't usually many people left by the time a zombie game kicks off.


    I never fired any weapon aside from those easter show ducking hunting slug guns until i joined the ADF back in 2002. My "fear" at the time was wondering how had the recoil/kickback was when firing. Too my suprise, there was virually no recoil or kickback using the either F88 Austyr or the F89 Minimi ( thats the large version of the american SAW).

    After 2 shots that "fear of unknown" was gone. But really its not the shooting and aiming thats the hard part, Its being able to shoot a living (or as the case maybe Unliving) being.

    I have some experience at the shooting range. And yeah, shooting a gun for the first few times takes you by surprise.

    After that though it's not so hard. Loading a clip with bullets, now that's hard (it takes lots of finger strength!)

    Accuracy at a distance is not what you'd imagine from the movies. A 9mm semi-auto handgun a dozen metres away will likely be off target.

    As for shooting the undead, that's not a problem. Shooting the undead that you knew when they were alive, that will give a moment of pause.

      Aim for the legs, never hesitate to dismember.

      Haha, yeh squeezing those last few bullets in the mag is a pain. Here's hoping all kotakuites have several magazines pre-loaded when the zombies come.

      (though being Australia, unlikley. Time to work on that batting arm)

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