Can Two Dudes Really Survive Against A Horde Of Zombies?

The latest in Rooster Teeth's Immersion series of web videos is here, this time seeing if two dudes in a video game could really survive against a horde of 400 zombies.


    That chick may actually be attractive if it werent for the bullring hanging out of her nose :(

    As silly as it all is, this thing really does prove we'd be screwed in a zombie apocalypse. They weren't even shooting them in the head and so many were left alive in the end. We definitely need better zombie apocalypse contingency plans.

    Ok, but why not take all the guns and the brains into the shed? Lock the door and pick them off from the windows.

    They were slow shambling zombies. Melee FTW!!!

    They also could have just picked up the brains and ammo and performed a fighting retreat until all the zombies where dead.

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