The Next Devil May Cry Is On The iPhone

The Next Devil May Cry Is On The iPhone

Wait longer for the reinvention of the Devil May Cry series in the form of the game DMC. But wait only until the end of the month to see 2008’s Devil May Cry 4 turned into an iPhone game.

Website Slide To Play says the game will have 10 levels, cost $8.99 and will be out in January. It’ll star Nero when it comes out on the App Store, but the other DMC4 protagonist, Dante, will be added at a later date. The console game was a full-scale 3D action adventure with constant, crazy combat. The iPhone version is simpler in presentation, as you might expect, though it’s designed to imitate the controls of a device other than the iPhone via a virtual analogue stick and four “buttons.” Watch the video to see how the game plays.

It sure sounds like the game has the kind of metal soundtrack that helped give DMC4 its hell-raising style.

Devil May Cry 4 Refrain Hands-On Preview and Video [Slide to Play]

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