The Set-Up: Buckner’s Blu-rays

The Set-Up: Buckner’s Blu-rays

Welcome to The Set-Up, where we throw the spotlight onto you guys and the cool stuff you have lying around in your home. The Set-Up can focus on anything: game collections, TV set-ups, retro consoles – anything! Today we’re taking a look at Matt Buckner and his Blu-rays. He also has an awesome set of Rock Band drums. [Seethes with jealousy]

First up we have the PS3 Slim, Wii, and Xbox 360 in the living room area – apparently these all belong to his Fiancee. Will you marry me, awesome video game set up? The Set-Up: Buckner’s Blu-rays

We want these drums! The Set-Up: Buckner’s Blu-rays

This is the pretty insane Blu-ray collection… The Set-Up: Buckner’s Blu-rays

This is a Epson EH-TW450 gaming projector connected to a Sony Muteki home theatre system – STOP IT ALREADY! The Set-Up: Buckner’s Blu-rays

And finally this is Matt’s newly built PC, alongside an awesome Red Dead thingy… The Set-Up: Buckner’s Blu-rays

This Set-Up is pretty impressive – but apparently it’s not punching at its full potential. Matt had an entire room dedicated to retro gaming, but had to tear it down after someone moved into the spare room.

And that’s it for this instalment of The Set-Up – if you have anything awesome that you want to show us, just me an email at this address


  • Loss of retro gaming room makes me sad for you. It’s what I dream of creating one day, so to have it and then lose it is just tragic.

    Nice setups though! I thought I had lots of blu rays, but evidently not.

    • Yeah, I’ll be happy when I get to set it up again one day. It’s not a huge retro collection, but I’m pretty proud of it. Still missing a few consoles and handhelds though.

      • Actually, in the 2nd pic, the DVD stand to the left of the RB drum kit is full of PS2, Xbox, Sega Saturn and PS1 games, although you can’t make any of it out in the pic. The rest of my retro stuff is packed up in boxes 🙁

  • I thought I was the only one with a corner TV setup, haha… only mine has windows on either side of it making the glare unbearable if you don’t close them.

    Can I ask what you sit on? (inb4 “your ass”) I find having the TV in the corner of the room serves to make it difficult for seating arrangements. I.e. I’ve got to drag the couch so it directly faces the TV or playing games is too wonky.

    • The corner setup is primarily used by my fiance and she’s happy sitting on a couch a fair bit back from the TV. However, when I game there, I roll in my high-back office chair you can see in the last photo.

  • Arrrggggghhhh… his collection is not alphabetical!!! This must be fixed asap!!!!

    Nice RB drums! Nice simplistic setup also

    • You would not believe how much sh*t I copped from my wife (then girlfriend) the first time that she noticed that I kept all my movies, books, games etc in alphabetical order 😛

      And she continues to make fun of me about it to this day.

      • There is nothing at all wrong with it, it makes finding things waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy easier than staring at a wall of DVDs looking for one in particular…

    • It’s kind of organised. It’s not in great order at the moment, but I usually group movies based on Actor, sequels, animated, music etc. And all the new ones are usually at the top left so I know what I’ve still yet to watch 🙂

      • I only deviate from alphabetical order only for sequels and or series order…

        eg: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight is next instead of being under “D”… and words like “the” and “a” do not count… :p

  • Nice set up. Props for the RDR poster!
    BTW… is that a Projector on top of the shelving unit? (If it is one) how is it gaming using a projector?

    • Yup it sure is a projector. It’s an Epson EH-TW450 which is a “gaming” projector. It’s pretty good to game on, however, some games are better than others. I tend to do a lot of gaming on PC these days, so I usually use the projector for watching Blu-Rays and playing Rock Band 3 (which is awesome because there’s so much room for all the note highways when you have 4-5 players. As a side note, the screen size is about 100″ just on a White wall at the moment. It’s still really clear being on a wall, but I need to get a screen at some point.

    • Lol, I went with a “Bang for Buck” option.

      Intel core i5 760 processor (not overclocked yet)
      Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3 Motherboard
      Kingston 4GB(2 X 2GB) DDR3-1333MHZ
      Gigabyte Gtx 460 1GB video card
      1TB Samsung Spinpoint HDD
      LG DVD Burner
      Windows 7 Home Premium
      Cheap 650w Power supply/Case combo

  • Hey Matt, could i ask where you got that DVD stand in the third pic. Been looking for something similar and cant find anything like that in all the furniture stores I’ve gone to.

  • Sam’s Warehouse. Not sure if they are a national chain, but a big discount store here in Qld.

    They aren’t the best build quality, but they hold heaps of DVD’s and you can set them up for cd’s as well. I looked for ages to find something like them, I ended up buying 2 for me and 1 for my parents. I should have bought a couple more as I am running out of space on mine.

  • Nice setup man! That drum kit looks almost as cool as the logitech drumkit! DO WANT! I didn’t show all my plastic instruments in my setup shots cos they were all packed in a box, but glad I didn’t now.. that puts mine to shame!! 😉

  • Mark if thats what you call an “insane” Blu-ray collection… I wonder you would think of mine.

    That W series is a sweet TV even if it’s getting on in years. Mine is kicking on in our bedroom 🙂

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