Which Console Is Best For First-Person Shooting Racists?

In order to determine which video game console you should play, you must ask yourself a few questions. Are you a gamer? Do you prefer first-person shooters? Racist or non-racist? Dorkly's handy flowchart insults and informs.

Judging by this graphic, I should be playing games exclusively on the original PlayStation. I have absolutely no problem with that. At least I'm not one of those Virtual Boy masochists.

Flowchart: What Gaming Platform is Right For You? [Dorkly.com]


    I find it ironic seeing as I was called a "n***er" and a "stinking jew" on BF2 on the pc only two days ago... :\

      they were probably 13 yr olds.. they always wreck PC games :(

        Yeah but they're the same ones that ruin xbox gaming.

        Besides, the xbox can't be racist, it comes in both black and white

      I got the same thing a couple of days ago in Hot Pursuit on Live - though I may have been gay too.

      Douchebags are always going to hide behind anonimity when playing online. At least the 360 has a method to ensure people get turfed if they get too bad.

      I'm always playing with my family (Nephew, Sister, Father, now my mum too) and when there's a DB in the lobby we all mute them then report them.

        Thats something you're going to have to put up with to keep the freedoms of the internet.

    Yeah the racist one isn't really true. I know that these are just meant to be kind of funny and not really serious but there's racism on every online game, xbox, ps and PC. I mean have you ever played CS?

    Apparently I should buy a Playstation or a SNES (I neither love nore hate whiny dudes with spiky hair), oddly enough, two consoles that I have never owned.

    The best feature of online gaming = mute. Whenever I'm on Black Ops and I hear anyones voice, its an automatic response to mute all.

    So what happens if I have a PS3?

    I've always associated RPGs with the PC, especially since most MMORPGs are PC exclusive.

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