Why Stop At Buying An Embarrassing Game?

Why not go all the way and buy a gaming chair and an embarrassing slip cover? Hey, it's only $US440, and you do only live once.

A bundle for Cute-em-up shooter Otomedius X includes a copy of the Xbox 360 game, a copy of the soundtrack, a collection of illustrations, a sheet cover of heroine Aoba Anoa, a massage gaming chair and other goodies.

All this is yours for a mere ¥36,651 ($440). The chair itself is priced at ¥19,800 ($238), which means you are paying a premium for... embarrassment?

Otomedius is a cute take on the classic arcade shooter Gradius.

『オトメディウスX』 超恥ずかしいシーツ+ゲームチェアの豪華セットが 36,651円 [オレ的ゲーム胃情報]


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