Xbox Live Arcade Is Having A House Party Next Month, Five Games Invited

Xbox Live Arcade Is Having A House Party Next Month, Five Games Invited

Beginning in February, Microsoft will be holding a promotion called “Xbox Live Arcade House Party”. There’ll be five games released over a five week period, including Torchlight and the HD version of Beyond Good & Evil.

Joining those headline acts will be Hard Corps Rising, Bejeweled Blitz and Full House Poker. Hard Corps will be the first game released on February 16, while the others will follow one game per week after that.

If you’ve never played Beyond Good & Evil or Torchlight – and given the former’s age and the latter’s previous lack of console appearance many of you haven’t – this is a promo to keep an eye on.


  • Ahh.. BG&E.. One of my top 10 games of all time..

    And definitely one of the top 3 from my gamecube days.. why the hell did I sell that game?!?!

  • Torchlight is awesome!

    Gee I didn’t even know it was getting a console release – where have I been?

    I ended up buying 5 copies on PC (1 direct from Runic at launch, another on steam for achievment fun, and 3 more when it was on crazy steam sale 2 xmas’s back for friends). Maybe I can make the XBLA version my 6th?

  • Woah, BGE is going to be an arcade game? Awesome, way better than the $50 disc release I was expecting.

    As much as I love gaming on the PC, my GOG version of BG&E just feels wrong with the keyboard & mouse. Still its worth it just for the soundtrack, that thing is insanely cool

  • On PC I couldn’t reinstall BG&E on my 64 bit machine because of DRM, but a cheap copy off Steam during a sale fixed it – it’s an instant purchase on XBLA for me. Great game – it has real character to it.

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