You Can Now Install Your Own 'Custom' PS3 Firmware

Want to build your own PS3 firmware? If you've got Linux and some skills in the field of programming, you can now do exactly that.

Capitalising on the work done last week by the fail0verflow team in breaking the PS3's copy protection wide open, KaKaRoTo has released a set of tools that allow users to create their own custom piece of PS3 firmware.

This means that if you want to roll your PS3 back to, say, v3.41, you can. As of now it's not terribly useful, as it won't let you run homebrew programs or backup copies of games, but KaKaRoTo says "this custom firmware is really meant for future homebrew installation", and in addition "will not allow piracy".

Think of it, then, as one of those PSN updates where they quietly lay the groundwork for a future update, one that actually has all the good stuff.

A word of warning if you're thinking of trying this out: you may want to disconnect your console from the PlayStation Network first.

[PS3: First ‘Custom Firmware' now working!]


    *waits for piracy*

    It'll happen.

    although the odd legit project may surface, i agree...rampant warez is just around the corner. sony has been living a charmed life while all the other consoles have been haxored long ago.

    "it won’t let you run homebrew programs or backup copies of games"

    Can we please stop using the modest fig leaf of "backup copies" to cover up the weeping, festering, diseased c*ck that is piracy?


      No, Thankyou.

      I'm now trying to decide where I can use this analogy in everyday lie, but I don't think it will work as well as reading it. Bravo.

        sorry, everyday life.

    Any chance the PS3 could be made multi-region for Bluray movies?

      Although i'm not 100% on this, but isnt that purely the BD reader thats region locked, and not the software?

    I was just going to use this on my friends PS3 so he could play Runescape on hopefully Windows.

    lolpiracycomments of course.

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