A Very Close Look At The PlayStation 3 Move's Sharpshooter

Due out later this month for $US40, here's a closer look at the PS3 Move Sharpshooter.

The plastic body is designed to hold Move and Navigation controllers.

It's a pretty plain box. But the Sharpshooter is a slick piece of hardware.

The box includes sets of SOMCOM and Killzone 3 stickers.

Here's a look at the Sharpshooter with the stock collapsed.

That lock switch turns off the Move button.

You need to pull back both release buttons to remove the Move controller.

This is where you put the Move controller.

Here's the stock extended.

The fire rate toggle can be popped off to put on either side of the gun.


    Are we able to import this in Australia or will this be considered another 'Replica Weapon' by the fun police? They'll probably think some genius will try to rob 7-Elevens with this thing

    I swear this thing is going to have more peripherals than the Wii soon

      I don't have a problem with something having too many peripherals, so long as it's not mandatory to have to play a game.

    I'm tempted to pick the move just for this thing, it's really appealing to the inner child in me.

    At the price of a new release game ($78) I will say nothankyou.jpg to this peripheral.

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