Before Half-Life, There Was A Submarine Game

Valve, the developers of series like Half-Life and Team Fortress, were once working on something a little less fantastical: a submarine game.

Speaking on Steamcast, boss Gabe Newell says that he and company co-founder Mike Harrington had, in the very first days of Valve's existence, toyed with the idea of making a submarine title.

"Mike was absolutely certain there was an opportunity to create fantastic underwater visuals and gameplay, so if people want to know the even furtherest back thing we have haven't gotten around to shipping yet it would have to be the unnamed submarine game."

Before you say "lulz submarines", remember, this was the 1990s, when underwater games like Silent Hunter and Seawolf were big business.

And just because it was a submarine game doesn't mean it was going to be some boring simulation, either; one of my favourite games of all time is set underwater, and it was as much a sim as I am the King of Spain.

[Steamcast, via CVG]


    lulz submarines

    lulz submarines

    Oh man, I spent so many, many hours playing silent service. Would love to see some artwork or production stuff from this title!

      I was just thinking the other day I'd rather see a new Silent Service than another Civ game.

    Now if they revisited that idea I know a very big internet community who'd kill for a realistic sub simulation game. Now with Silent Hunter 5 completely unsupported by Ubi, Valve could potentially dip into a niche market that has a hardcore and loyal following.

    Myself amongst them. Love my subsims.

    Submarine sim, now there's a genre I haven't played since GATO

    "quote "and it wasn't some boring old sim either" ???
    Boring old sim? Simulators are not boring my friend they allow you to open your mind and think I only reachd this page because was looking for another subsim as silent hunter 5 has turned into a disaster (no more support from you guys! ubisoft :-(

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