Bulletstorm Unlockables Won't Carry Over To Other Titles

There had been chatter that Bulletstorm would be one of several Epic Games titles whose achievements would trigger unlockables in Gears of War 3, due at the end of the year. Those plans have been scrapped because of compatibility issues.

Epic's Joe Graf, a lead gameplay programmer, tweeted that Gears of War 3 cannot read the achievements of Bulletstorm, Shadow Complex and Unreal Tournament 3 after all. "Sorry about that all," he said.

The reason is that, while Xbox Live exposes data through a player's gamercard, going deeper requires an unsupported manipulation of the servers. Bulletstorm, Shadow Complex and UT3 are classified separately from Gears of War, placing the achievement link-up outside Epic's control here.

Graf did confirm that achievements in all previous Gears of War games will count toward unlockables in Gears of War 3.

Epic Cancels Bulletstorm Unlocks in Gears of War 3 [Official Xbox Magazine via RipTen]


    In the picture, what is the Locust on the right doing?!?!?

      Looks like it's going for the shoulder shank, extra juicy

      That is really bad and funny... Thank you for pointing that out.

    Why would they need to "go deeper"? The gamercard shows the achievements publicly, can't they just use that?
    And if not, it's a MICROSOFT published game. They could easily give Epic permission to access more info if necessary.

      It might not be a case of access, but rather a case of unexposed or non existant functionality in the achievement/gamercard system.

      But agree with @Mr Waffle, they may be able to use saved games.

    ...couldn't they just look for saved game data? Lost Planet 2 unlocked Marcus & Dom, Frank West etc based on what game saves you had...

    Go deeper?


    lol looks like I might need to go back to GoW1&2 to finish of some of the achievements!

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