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I'm really happy today. Because today I get to give Community Kudos to someone who is awesome. Someone who is always there for the community, and someone who was completely and unanimously chosen by you guys - receiving roughly one million votes this week.

That person is, of course, Strange. The first lady of Kotaku. And she gets the award for helping people out with trial Gold memberships on LIVE, but also for just being a great member of the community, being nice, and slapping down Jimu (in a nice way - Jimu has nominated Strange two weeks in a row. True story).

I'm also really chuffed because this takes me full circle - Strange was actually the reason Community Kudos came about. I felt guilty about mistaking her for a dude, hence the reason why she won the very first Community Kudos back in my first week as Kotaku editor.

Congrats Strange.

I'd also like to give an honorable mention to Braaains. Plenty have mentioned this week that he constantly makes top notch, informed posts on every story, and I completely agree with that sentiment.

Anyways. Thanks again for another great week.

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    In relation to "achievement unlocked: ended marriage by purchasing minecraft"

    I'm jealous. I only got:
    "achievement unlocked: ended chance of getting good university grades by purchasing minecraft"

    Do you think you could do a tutorial video on how to achieve it?

    Also: CONGRATS STRANGE! A well-deserving winner! :D

    Yay Strange!! welcome to the winners circle!!

      But she was the first winner so technically you were all joining her.

      Anyway Grats to Strange.

    Congrats Strange!
    First Lady Of Kotaku is just awesome, needs to go in your username!
    I am forever grateful that i started reading Kotaku during a week when it was made very clear that Strange and dawdle were ladies.

      Agree. Strange: First lady of kotaku is an excellent name. Much like FatShady MBA. Well deserved, I must say :)

      Also, I'll claim the TV if no-one does :P

    Hey well done Strange. Full circles are always so satisfying. Like donuts. Mmmm, donuts....

    Congrats strange. We actually rarely speak but well deserving winner. Also you are now the reason I read the tags this week.

    Good week all round.

    Congrats Strange!

    Oh. !!!
    Clicked on the link fully expecting it to say someone else...and was completely stunned to find out it was me!
    "obligatory strange tag" was enough to make me happy, but now that I won it's completely made my month. THANK-YOU!

    So, when should I expect Seamus for a bout of makeover fun? :P

    Woohoo, do it to it. Well met, ser!

    I'm doing the Beavis and Butthead dance!!!

    Congrats, Strange!

    And thanks for the mention, Mark. I'll continue my strategy of spamming the comments threads until I finally win it! :P

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