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Ho ho ho! It's almost Christmas. It's also Friday, which means it's time for Community Kudos!

Honestly. Where do I start on a day like this? I'll just say that, on behalf of everyone at Kotaku and Allure Media, I'm so proud to write and work for a group of people like you guys. I'm thoroughly blown away.

Just in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll direct your attention to the Kotaku Kristmas Project and the massive amount of cards we received. Incredible.

At this precise moment it's 3.30pm. Myself and Tracey are the last people in the office. Everyone is gone for the holidays, but I'm finding it tough to leave for some reason. I have so much fun here. I have the best job and I really owe that fact to all you guys who come and read every day. Thanks so much guys, and thanks for the presents — I love them!

Anyway, I've got something in both my eyes. Time for the noms!

Incredibly Chuloopa wasn't the first person to nom today! Too busy, I suspect, organising the KKP project like a boss. First nom came from Virus__ who nominated Rize for hooking him up with a copy of Bunch of Heroes on Steam. Ho ho ho!

Christmas is a time for giving, and that theme continued with a nom for Gorzilla from Numbers. Gorzilla hooked him up with a copy of Orcs Must Die — which is an awesome game.

The Notorious R received a drawing tablet from Shane — a bloody drawing tablet! Man. You guys are too generous.

The McGarnigal nominated NovaCascade for sending him a copy of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. I know how hard that game is to find [clutches his copy tight to his chest] so that's a big one.

Man, this is just the beginning — so many noms!

Sughly nominated Strange for trying to round up folks to go to his New Year's Party (which is now cancelled)! Great nom — Strange never fails to nominates people and she is the best. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas Strange. Oh, and on that note — Strange's daughter drew us all a Christmas card! Also — she nominated everyone like Oprah.

Trjn gave a nom to FatShady for something we might all take for granted — the Minecraft server. FatShady pulls a lot of strings behind the scenes to make sure we can all still get online and play. This is a solid nom and I totally concur.

Notorious R, the one and only Jimu (I love you Jimu) wanted to thank you for letting him know about the super cheap PS3 deals doing the rounds. He bought a new PS3 because of you.

Also — we had a sea of nominations for Blaghman who, once again, wowed us all with a brand new rendition of his classic hit 'All I Want For Christmas Is Kotaku'.

But finally, of course, there is Chuloopa. I had a massive flood of late nominations for Chuloopa, and absolutely deservedly so. I got so many noms for this guy it's overwhelming. NegativeZero, NovaCascade, Virus__, Alexpants, Rize, Strange But then I remembered an email I got from him earlier this week.

I want to nom BLAGHMAN for kudos. he really deserves in, for the last 2 years in a row he's delivered 2 AMAZING songs and shown he has balls of steel!!

I know after the KKP i may get a couple of noms, but please PLEASE give it to him - i want him to have it more than anything - they're really so great and he's a top bloke too!!!

And then later, a reminder message...

Remember - no kudos for me at all! I'm asking nicely :P

This is the guy, ladies and gentlemen. This is the guy. He does all this work, puts in all this effort, then nominates someone else and asks me not to give Community Kudos to him.

What can you say about Chuloopa? He's the festering, beating heart of the Kotaku Community and I would like to say a very sincere thanks for everything you do for this site and the people who read it.

So, I'm sorry Loops, I'm going against your wishes, and I'm announcing another joint winning Community Kudos post. Congrats to both Blaghman and Chuloopa for all their hard work — you both win Community Kudos.

And while I'm here. I want to thank every single person who was involved in the KKP project! Absolutely everyone. Especially Chuloopa and the guys who rocked up to the office today. Dr What, Harli, Shiggy Ninty, Morkai, Batguy. It was great to hang out again. Oh, and Sughly and Dr What, you guys are so talented. Our framed drawings are incredible.

Thanks everyone! Thanks for another great week and another great year!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    KKP delivery pics!

      Broken link :(

    Congrats Blaghman and Chuloopa as well as the other folk nominated.

    Merry Christmas, seasons greetings, happy holidays and all that too! :D

    And thoroughly deserved to! Congratulations to everyone, extra special shout out to Chuloopa, (and to Ozgameshop!) and have a safe and hoppy halidays everyone!

      Why is it that vniotg is only open for limited a time? I want to vote early, late and often. This new format is cramping my style!

    Congrats to the winners

    I nom the entire community. You guys have a very Merry Christmas and hopefully I'll see you in the new year

    Congrats to Chuloopa and Blaghman!

    Have a safe and Merry Christmas, guys.
    See you all in 2012.

    Two highly deserving winners!!
    LoL that Blaghs won't find out til next week.
    Have a great weekend everyone!!!

    Loops you sir are a god amongst us mere men! Thanks again for putting together such an awesome surprise!

    Also a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to everyone!

    Congrats guys!

    I'm pretty much a goner for the rest of the year, but I'll be sure to send my noms via e-mail to both Tracey and Mark so that none get lost ever again (I didn't nom this week, due to my working, but in previous weeks I think they've been lost in the tubes). I also plan to be more involved in the Kotakommunity. Why am I writing this on the kudos page? Because it's part of my last-minute nom: Chuloopa. It is he who has sparked my new resolutions to get more out of my time here because of all the fun we've had on Twitter.

    Keep calm and #MaxPayne3, everyone. Til next year!

    Oh, and may everyone's Christmas be jolly and merry and their Hannukah be oily and bright.

    Chuloopa is DA MAN.

    He deserves all the love. ALL THE LOVE.

    yippee! Supreme effort guys!
    As for the Sughly meat being cancelled, just in case you missed it in TAY, I can host one at my place if you're all still interested!

    Nice work, congrats.

    Grats to everyone! Excuse me while I climb the highest* nearby mountain and proclaim how great Kotakanians are!

    *like 20 metres

    Thank you so much everyone!
    I really mean it when i say i couldn't have done it without you, though

    For those that really wanted to contribute but missed all the posts - i'm really sorry, but as i said i have some great giveaways coming up and your warm words towards the community is more than enough. Building on what we already have is always going to be better than any dollar value.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    Big Xmas grats to Blagh and Loops and a Merry Christmas to all you bastards :P You haven't all run me off with pitchforks and flaming torches yet and in the words of a special friend;

    Congratulations Loops and Blaghmangs!!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

    I love you guys. *sniffle*

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