Control A Video Game By Kissing Passionately

Control A Video Game By Kissing Passionately

We sit here stunned, amazed and just a little bit sceptical that artist Hye Yeon Nam has found a way for people to control a bowling video game by French kissing. Kissing and playing video games were just never fun enough on their own, now were they?

Even watching a video of this thing in spit-swapping action doesn’t quite make it clear how putting your tongue in the mouth of someone you like can make you a better video game bowler, but over at Vimeo, artist Hye Yeon Nam explains how things work:

“One person has a magnet on his/her tongue and the other person wears the headset. While they kiss, the person who has the magnet on his/her tongue, controls the direction and speed of the bowling ball for 20 seconds. The goals of this game are to guide the ball so that it maintains an average position in the centre of the alley and to increase the speed of the ball by moving the tongue faster while kissing.”

I like this kind of earnest and unexpected experiment. No one’s saying we’ll someday be playing Call of Duty or World of Warcraft while kissing. But if you can control video games by wiggling a joystick, pressing buttons, waving your arms, or talking to a microphone, why not with some smooching. The question is: Who is out there who wants to kiss you while you’re playing a video game?

Kiss Controller [Hye Yeon Nam’s official site]


  • wow, that video sure is hot. lol. So lemme get this straight – the objective is to poke your tongue straight out into the other persons mouth, and then poke it in and out at a good speed? And the second person (the girl, of course, in this case hah) just, like, opens up and thinks of England? I know that’s how III like to kiss!

    still, looking forward to the video game controlled by passionately rimming someone

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