Crysis 2 Has Been Leaked, Creators ‘Deeply Disappointed’

Crysis 2 Has Been Leaked, Creators ‘Deeply Disappointed’

Crysis 2 won’t be released for another month, but a playable version of Crytek’s ambitious PC shooter has already made its way online, much to the disappointment of its creators.

According to those who have played it—we first heard about the leak via the Facepunch forums—that leaked build of Crysis 2 comes complete with multiplayer and the master keys to the game’s piracy protection. It is allegedly playable from start to finish, a near-complete beta version.

“Crytek has been alerted that an early incomplete, unfinished build of Crysis 2 has appeared on Torrent sites,” reads EA’s response to Kotaku on the matter. “Crytek and EA are deeply disappointed by the news. We encourage fans to support the game and the development team by waiting and purchasing the final, polished game on March 22.”

“Crysis 2 is still in development and promises to be the ultimate action blockbuster as the series’ signature Nanosuit lets you be the weapon as you defend NYC from an alien invasion. Piracy continues to damage the PC packaged goods market and the PC development community.”


  • Way to support developers trying to keep the PC scene strong guys!
    You have to wonder at the intelligence of such people who clearly have a desire for good PC gaming, yet cannot fathom that actions such as these merely reduce the quality content which will be published for PC in future.

  • Don’t worry Crytek, I’ll still buy your game. Heck, I’ve even resisted torrenting the game (been wanting to get an early playthrough in so bad).

  • Wait so the Facepunch forums released this torrent? They claim to hate piracy yet they do this?
    Man this makes me rage.

  • i realy hate how they worded the last part of that (on EA) “Piracy continues to damage the PC packaged goods market and the PC development community.”
    complete BS, its developers that are damaging it, makeing bad ports, DRM infested games…
    and this is no exeption. a member of cryteks dev team leaked this. not a pirate.

    • Uhh, yeah? And why do you think that developers are “makeing” console ports and filling PC games with DRM crap?

      …exactly. So the article is 100% correct. Piracy is ruining PC gaming no matter what you or anybody else says.

      • They make console ports because it’s very cheap and relatively easy, they introduce DRM to prevent people from returning or selling their ports when they realise how bad they are, DRM has no impact on piracy at all, it’s all about killing the used game market and preventing returns.

        • Have you ever tried to return a pc game?

          You can’t, it’s just that simple… drm has sweet f.a. to do with it.

          • Well no… without DRM (ie CD key) games could be returned as they would still be usable for a second hand purchase or in EB and Games case a 7-day return.

          • Agreed. It’s pretty shitty that they’ve complained about their game being released and everyone that buys it is going to have to put up with the DRM that didn’t work in the first place.

            (Note: I buy my games).

    • Dude whilst drm and shoddy ports don’t help, don’t be an ostrich, get your head out of the sand. The pc is the most pirated platform out there. For instance how many people legitimately buy Office vs pirated versions? Again, drm and bad ports don’t help but PC users (like me, I’m not innocent of this) are finally seeing the industry desperately bite back after years of free reign. To deny that isn’t only wrong, it’s outright arrogant.

      • You make a good product and people will always buy it, Developers are purposely making shitty ports because they simply dont want to develop for the PC anymore, but by immediately ceasing development for PC you will alienate that market. Killing the PC market is something that has to be done slowly and quitely, but it happening even as we speak. If they kill the PC market i will probably never but another game again, i am simply not a console gamer.

        The only people DRM hurts are the legitimate PC users.

    • It was either a crytek dev or and an EA employee. In fact i i highly doubt it would of been an actual Crytek dev. The build is basically a Bug check build its a full on beta and im guessing it would of been from someone within the Q&A section

    • They focus on the consoles versions because that’s where most of their money’s made – not from Windows users. The DRM is an attempt to stop the theft that Window’s users are accustomed to. There wouldn’t be bad ports nor DRM if people bought the games, just like a decade ago before high bandwidth, residential internet connections.

      Does it make you feel better about stealing their work with your justifications? If it wasn’t worth playing because of bad ports and DRMs, you wouldn’t see the piracy activity that you do. There aren’t 7000 people downloading it on the most popular torrent site right now because they don’t want to play it…

      • Actually before that you knew a guy who had disks of whatever game you wanted. Older games also have some really invasive DRM. PC gamers have really been screwed over by DRM, whichever method a company employs is always going to be hacked by someone. Assuming multiple games use the same copy protection; it should become a lot easier to break it. I say give PC gamers a reason to buy your game, remove the DRM on a popular title, and see if the piracy rates drops. They probably wont, but it’s one title that’ll be hacked within a day of it being released anyway, but give it a shot anyway.

        • “I say give PC gamers a reason to buy your game, remove the DRM on a popular title, and see if the piracy rates drops.”

          That’s the dream we’d all love to see. However the reality is the complete opposite. Remove the anti-piracy measures and watch people pirate the sh*t out of it.

        • You’re talking about taking a huge risk just to ‘see if it works’? What if it doesn’t? That’s several months of a developer’s paycheque down the drain. Considering the slow turn-around on a SINGLE title for a mid-sized studio, you’ll potentially bankrupt them. No-one in their right mind would risk this.

          The Humble Indie Bundles have had little or no DRM, hell it was almost free, it just asked for people to donate what they thought was fair to a good cause, and what happened? The pirates torrented the shit out of it with a smile on their faces.

          Additionally, there’s a huge difference between borrowing a friend’s legitimate copy of a game, and actively downloading a torrent of it for individual use. Because you’re ultimately going to return the game to your frieend, you might even like it enough to purchase a copy yourself. The people who pirate games online have NO intention of ever paying for others’ work.

    • Piracy apologist (or simply, pirate) spotted.

      You want developers to stop using draconian DRM? Then people need to stop pirating. I find this sense of PC gaming entitlement absolutely galling. PC games are more pirated than all the other platforms put together.

      Developers are trying to protect their livelihoods. People don’t pirate because “boo hoo DRM!”, they pirate because they don’t want to pay. This isn’t even analogous to the chicken or the egg, it’s simply reactionary.

      Funny how all the ‘bad DRM/port/etc’ titles are all being pirated, regardless of quality. Shows you how much of a legitimate problem this is.

      • Currently the only reason why some people may take offense to that statement is because it currently looks like the leak was made by either a Crytek Employeee or an EA employee. The statment can come off as saying that even though it was someone in our own department, we will blame another party.

        Unless of course the leak turns out to of been actually stolen through hacking into Crytek’s servers, then they have every bloody right to scream and complain.

    • Not to mention that they don’t seem to support the PC version of a multi-platform game as well as its console versions (EA we are looking at you, DLC available for console Dead Space 2, but not PC)

  • I am happy about it, I was excited and about to buy the game but the pirates who downloaded it have alerted me to what a bad game it is.

    No strength mode
    Mostly linear corridors
    Dedicated Melee buttons
    Lower resolution textures than the first Crysis
    No destructible environment
    The hardest mode is apparently incredibly easy
    No prone
    Insta-stealth kill button
    No leaning
    In-game currency used to unlock new items and powerups

    Thanks consoles, you did us a solid.

    • -Sigh-

      I do not know why people choose to beleive trolls how download the torrent rather then read what EA said in the first place? IT IS AN INCOMPLETE VERSION OF THE GAME.

      “No strength mode” – There is a strength mode in the game – it is on their front page of

      “Dedicated Melee buttons” – Remap it if you like? Not that hard?

      “Lower resolution textures than the first Crysis and No destructible environment” – Want to know why there are low resolution textures used – because it is DX9 only on the torrent with some textures completely missing.

      “The hardest mode is apparently incredibly easy” – Can’t comment on this myself as i have only played the MP betas but i can’t see how it go down in difficulty from the hardest difficulty in Crysis 1/Warhead. Might be that on that dev version, it is pre-set to one difficulty mode only, no matter what difficulty you select to play it through.

      “No prone” – Sigh – Yes, there is prone. Try harder…

      “Insta-stealth kill button” – That is similar to the assassinations in Reach but if you use it, you lose most of your suit energy and de-cloak while you do it, leaving you incredibly open to an attack from any other nearby enemies. So IMO, there is nothing wrong with it.

      “No leaning” – There isn’t supposed to be in SP but apparently on PC MP there is supposed to be.

      “In-game currency used to unlock new items and powerups” – Wrong. XP unlocks things. Xp is governed into two pools – your overall XP for a round goes into your “total XP score” and then there is class XP where you gain XP based on your usage of the different suits mode (eg: Stealth, Strength and Armour). When you hit a certain level in your suit modes, you gain an unlock point, to unlock anything on the weapons/mod screen.

      Sorry mate, but try harder next time.

    • you sir are a complete moron.

      Strength mode is now automatically buit in to the game which is soo much better than first where you had to flip though 4 different modes. Tap the spacebar and you do a normal jump. hold down the space bar abit and you do strength assisted jump.

      tap the melee key (v) to melee….nothing new there hold down the melee key and you get a stregnt assisted punch. You can still grab people and throw them. the melee key also helps make cover by allow you use the built in strength kick cars so hard they roll over to be on their sides ( while flatterning any enemies behind them).

      theres aboslutely no reason to complain about having stealth kills and suit upgrades especially since they are added extras. The levels are extremely big and offer many different routes. Yes there are linear sections but its just same as Crysis one. Crysis 1 may of given us nice large maps in the single player campagin but you could not go to 90% of those parts due to invisable walls and natural terrain that strength jump could not over come.

      There is no prone that is a loss, there is however lean, just done rather weired. In this example you are behind a support pillar and facing it, a little icon comes up with 2 arrows, holding th right mouse button (aim down sights)and moving the mouse to the left or right you will pop out just the same as leaning with the Q and E keys in Crysis 1. Q and E are used for armour mode and stealth mode now.

      The lower resolution textures is because the leak was a full blown developer build. the build is buggy as hell, you cant play the game on anything higher than the lowest graphics setting ( gamer setting ironically) and even the build only works in DX9 and I’ll be damned if anyone is upset about the low graphics setting in the released copy because even on low the game looks FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!

      I was sitting on the fence about getting the game, but after spending an hour on the bug ridden DEVELOPER leaked build that does not even include DX11, Im most definately going to by the game and would of preodered it already if it was up on steam.

    • Blame Crytek. BF3 is coming out and hasn’t been watered down at *all*. Infact it was developed for PC then scaled back for consoles. If a developer chooses the other route it just shows how sodding lazy they are :/

    • That sounds like an incredible downgrade in gameplay mechanics. Crysis was a just a big corridor shooter, so making it smaller is a no brainer. But no lean, prone etc is saddening. No wonder they’ve been keeping it under wraps from the PC crowd.

    • *!%#tard comments like this would only come from a pc gamer with no clues as to what goes in to making a game. Blame consoles when you hear from people who leak unfinished code and make up conspiracy theories that the game was gimped because consoles can’t handle the processing power required by the ‘Real’ game. I’d say they gimped the game because most pc gamers can’t keep up with hardware upgrades so they came to a happy medium which made it playable for more people rather than the ones who have the latest hardware (which changes constantly).

      I don’t think they will be selling the “near-complete beta” version so you can rest your precious windows 7 head lightly until the full game comes out.

      • Wow you guys are all getting pretty mad, I haven’t played the game I am just passing on what I have heard on various internet forums. You can get mad and call me a troll all you want but if you can’t calmly say why things are not awful then you must know deep down they are. Or maybe not, I am no psychologist.

        On the topic of dedicated Melee buttons, that means that there is no “boxing” like in the first game, only a button you press to do a melee attack. I have no problem with this but Crysis 2 seems to pretty much be CoD: Super Suit edition so far.

  • One should also keep in mind that its an internal developer build out in the wild too so its the fault of a Crytek employee anyway not ‘those damn hackers’ who got this out in the wild.

  • Hey people, dont worry PC sales were up last year and console sales were down. The PC is not dying, and nor will it ever die. The reason why consoles are so popular is because its easy, no clicking to install, no thinking will this game work? because its made for the console.

    so what…

    the PC will never die, it can only get better as time goes by.

    • The PC (for gaming) will die when the developers / publishers no longer make money on a game for that platform.
      I was orginally a PC gamer (like C64 days) but zoned out during my teenage years and returned with the Nintendo 64 then so on and now on to the 360 and PS3, it was just so easy .. plug and play.
      I’m not sure how much money games make on consoles compared to the PC (apart from MMORPG) but if the gap widens too much I can see developers just leaving it out due to pressure from their publishers.

  • I’ll still buy the game, but I am a little disappointed about the console-isation of it. You can hardly say the simplification of it is due to it being a beta either.

    But yeah, way to keep the PC platform strong and encourage developers to make games for it. Cheers.

  • The game is too easy, i can tell its been dumbed down for console.
    also that game isnt that harsh on computers! my mid-high range pc runs it on MAX i was expecting my pc to cough and die but nope

    • Ignoring the dumbed down part of your comment, DX11 is not working in the leak, and because of that we are unable to see the full graphical power of the game.

      Keep in mind that even if your mid range PC can it, you should be extremely happy as it means that crysis 2 is actually optimised.

    • Hey guys,

      Thanks to everyone who admitted to pirating the game. People’s comments like Nicholas above have admitted that they downloaded it and played it. I but you guys were also responsible for Crysis no longer being a PC exclusive since it was the most pirated game of 07/08. Crytek came out soon after this infomation came out to say they would no longer be doing PC exclusives.

      You only have yourselves to blame.

      • Didn’t Crysis sell between 2 and 3 million units? Hardly anything to sniff at. Also; even if it was the most pirated game of 07/08, it was pirated nowhere near as much as Crytek claims. Their CEO reckons for every legit copy, 15-20 people pirated the game. Treating every pirated copy as a lost sale, that means Crysis apparently missed out on being the highest selling game of all time.

    • @Saleak – So what how many copies Crysis sold. What gives people the right to pirate and steal other people’s work so that they can use it without paying for the right to play the game?

      To everyone here who complains also about DRM and that being the major lead for piracy, let me give you a few pointers:

      FACT – Many new DRM’s now use internet connections to activate one time online codes

      FACT – Many people who complain about DRM online say that it’s the wrong style of DRM.

      FACT – ALL THESE PEOPLE HAVE INTERNET CONNECTIONS ANYWAY, hence why they can download and pirate the game.

      FACT – Ubisoft openly released the PC version of the 4th Price of Persia game a couple of years ago with NO DRM, and openly said that if the number of users who bought the game outnumbered the users who downloaded the game, they .would take ALL DRM out of their future products

      FACT – This didn’t happen. The game was still pirated to shit because people feel that everything online is free. Now Ubisoft use an ‘online always’ DRM that everyone hates. Who’s fault is that? Everyone who pirated Ubisoft’s games to shit, so that they were forced to take that measure.

      If they can download it, they feel that they are entitled to it at no cost to themselves.

      Who cares who leaked this game online, if it was EA or Crytek, or someone who had access to the game. You don’t think that if they wanted to gather data on what was wrong with the game they would do a BETA? Not like other small companies like Blizzard do that? No, the game was stolen, no question.

      Bottom line, thanks to everyone who downloaded this torrent. Thanks for jacking up game prices again. Thanks for taking away the last few PC exclusive titles because you think that you have a right to steal other people’s work for free.


  • Fact: All DRM protections from major studios get cracked eventually, all pirates get their hands on the game and play it unrestricted. DRM only serves to punish those who bought it legit.

    Fact: Due to different PC configs not everyone can be sure the game will run smoothly. This is not helped by the fact that big studios now don’t release demos for the PC. Eg, Black Ops was the most pirated game on the PC, supposedly. I will tell you I would not even have wasted the bandwidth on it (through Steam before you call me a pirate) had I had a demo like COD4 had when it came out.

    Fact (a): Unless you live in the States you will experience regional pricing. Even if you live in the States you can get the game cheaper if you buy an Asian/Russian CD Key.

    Fact (b): It costs publishers/devs less to release the game digitally over services such as Steam, they also keep proportionally more of the money from the consumer, yet retail and e-tail costs are almost exactly the same, in fact, in some cases (eg MW2 in Aus when it came out), significantly more on Steam.

    Facts (a) and (b) conspire consumers to rebel against the publishers because they see it as blatant price gouging.

    Fact: Because of the above two points many people pirate games with a MP component and then buy a CD-key from overseas to save themselves anywhere from 30-50 dollars. They are classed as a pirate which is no fair. They are simply escaping regional price fixing.

    Fact: This makes up a smaller amount of total pirates but nevertheless some games are banned from certain countries, or significantly altered so as to the detriment of the overall gameplay experience, countries like Australia (gore) and Germany (anything to do with WWII and Nazis) come to mind.

    Fact: Depending on your region games can be delayed by days or weeks, this does not make sense at all since even the digital versions have “date checks” to make sure people in Australia (just as an example) do not get access to it until a few days after the US. This is plainly a draconian measure and has no logic. This is even more absurd when you consider that Australians pay basically twice as much as Americans due to our dollar if we get a retail copy.

    I could go on and on and on.

  • I would totally laugh if it comes out that Crytek leaked the game just as an excuse to rework the whole game.

    Think about it, i know it probably aint true but what if Crytek didnt like the finished product for what ever reason, leak it online, and Crytek now has an excuse to delay the game and fix whatever needs to be fixed.

    Sorry, ill take off the tinfoil hat now.

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