It's Definitely Not Yars' Revenge, But I Think I Like It

If I had no idea these new screenshots were from Atari and KillSpace Entertainment's reboot of the 2600 classic Yars' Revenge, I'd still be intrigued.

Does a brand-new game have a better chance at success when you give it the name of a classic? If KillSpace Entertainment didn't have the rights to call what we're seeing here Yars' Revenge, would anyone still be interested?

I certainly would, but then I've been craving more highly stylized on-rails shooting since Panzer Dragoon Orta came out for the original Xbox. That's the series I would have pegged these screens to come from, not Atari's classic shield-chewing, bullet-spitting bug game.

So what's in a name? If these screens were for a game called Daring Insect Battles would you still be looking at them?


    "Were these screenshots for a game called Daring Insect Battles?"

    Yes. I'd probably be complaining about the name, or commenting on how it's likely to generate less interest than a cool name, but yes, I still would :P

    Happy New Yars!

    When I first heard of this adaptation I just thought "Yars' Revenge? Really?"
    It's really not a game that has much room for a remake. So, seeing that this is basically just a completely original game sharing the name and very base concept, I'm excited.

    Especially since as mentioned we could finally have what plays like a new Panzer Dragoon.

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