MLB 11 The Show Is Ready For Its Closeup

Baseball fans will fetishize any detail. This year, MLB 2K11 will make the real-life broadcast camera angles of all 30 major league parks the default view in its game. MLB 11 The Show will, too, and add even more customisation.

Last year I tried to match the camera view of actual major league games in all 30 parks using MLB 2K10, which had a customizable camera view. MLB 10 The Show didn’t have that tool, so it was left out of the discussion. This year, the folks at Sony’s San Diego Studio have not only included true-to-life broadcast views in MLB 11 The Show, they’ve added the means to refine them further, from the perspective of the mound or the plate. And if you’re concerned about the size of the on-screen pitching graphic, that too is customizable.

Again, this kind of value-add is meaningful mostly to major league baseball, whose lack of uniform stadium dimensions means centerfield camera placement is unique park-to-park. But it certifies both titles’ commitment to realism, and that’s a standard The Show has taken extremely seriously over the past four years.

MLB 11 The Show Trailer: Camera Editor (Something Every Sports Video Game Needs) [Operation Sports]


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