My New Favourite iPhone Game

This is what happened. I was sitting at my desk and Seamus says, "you know how sometimes games have such an endearing art style that you just want to spend time in the world?" Then I turned round - he was watching a youtube clip of a new iPhone game called Tiny Wings. I fell in love instantly.

If there is any justice in this cruel, cruel world, Tiny Wings will be the next game to go viral.

Tiny Wings is a game about trying to fly. But failing miserably. Like Canabalt, the game does all the moving for you, but you have control in the most subtle way possible - instead of touching to jump, you touch to dive and timing is everything. Dive at the correct opportune moment and you'll gain massive momentum, sliding into the perfect launch, before soaring effortlessly through the sky.

Like all of the best games, Tiny Wings just feels amazing. The touch controls are perfectly tactile. When you time your dives correctly the game rewards you, when you mess it up your momentum stalls. It's well balanced - it's consistent. It's so deceptively simple that it becomes compulsive. It's 'a one more go' game. Even when you fail you smile, aware that it's completely your fault.

Amazingly the quaint art style, which seems so calculated, is procedurally generated, changing every day in an attempt to make the game feel fresh, to encourage you to check back each day just to see how the world looks at that particular time.

Check it out - you won't regret it. My current high score is 60,848. Come at me bro.


    Island 5 with no speed boost; I don't think I can do it Mark. I'm at that point where I've played so much I think I'm getting worse

      Score: 76444

      Oh nevermind, Mark. I made it to level 5 without speed boosts; the trick is to let your brain have a 20 minute break

    I gotta get an iphone...

      Or you could just get an ipod touch. You can play the games on those.

    sold! I'll check back later with a score

      Embarrasing. Had about 5 turns and can't break 30,000. I suck at cute iPhone games.

        It's actually quite tricky...

          Alright 35,082, I'm slowly breaking this adorable bastard.

            66,766. I'm done

    That is so cute.

    I'll check it out. It's paid I'm guessing?

    They need to make one for the kiwi.

    This kind of 'bird' seems so much more appealing to me. I'll check it out!

    Alright I just laid out $1.19 for this, better be good :)
    Apple App prices are so much better than other digital distribution attempts (I'm looking at you XBLA...)

    Well. I can easily see where my lunch break is going today. Cheers Mark.

    Pssh, it's not on Android so it must be crap.


    36,000 on my third attempt.

    I was thinking as i was playing.. where are the gtreen pigs.. i want them dead!.. but continuing to fly is more fun.


    Bought it last night, been playing ever since.

    It's that combination of graphics, music and uniqueness that makes this wonderful.

    Even the music after you've finished is soothing and beautiful.

      New high score for me:


    Damn you Mark. This is the new HookWorlds for me. I predict wasting many many hours.

    101798, playing for 2 hours. :D

      117737. Though the level-up mechanic does mean that your scores will always climb steadily upwards if you put the effort in to work on the multiplier. Mine is currently at 24x if you want to see how the scores really compare.

        Oh fuuuuu....

        Mine is on 22x ATM, when I got that score it was on 20x.

          Yeah it's kind of tricky your never really doing alot better just multiplied more

    It's now the number one result in the app store, above Angry Birds. I can't remember the last time anything was above Angry Birds.

    I love this. Totally worth the $1.19. I'm terrible though... only about 25k ;_;

    The art/music combo really reminds me of loco roco, that is absolutely adorable

    Still dont get why folks be saying that this game looks like Angry Birds.

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