Is Tiny Wings The Angry Birds Of 2011?

Angry Birds is a wonderful game. But it's so 2010. And we're in 2011. We need a new mobile game to fall in love with. And this might be it.

Released in February, Tiny Wings is the work of Andreas Illiger, and it is a beautiful-looking game. The art style is sensational and looks beautiful at 60 frames per second. And the gameplay is wonderfully simple, making it perfect for the iPhone or iPad.

It's also not some simple noodler for casual players. I'm having difficulty timing my takeoffs and landings. That's not because the game is broken - it isn't by any stretch - it's because the game is challenging. I like that.

But what's really charmed me about the game is that there's a story - well, not so much a story as a conflict. The bird wants to fly, but since his wings are so small, he has a hard time. Thus, he needs to build up enough speed to take to the skies.

Tiny Wings is getting glowing reviews online. No wonder, it really seems to offer the total package - only at $1.19.

Tiny Wings [iTunes]


    Been playing it for a while and love it.

    Not big on iPhone games, but this one is enjoyable (the challenges make the game interesting).

    Great game (thanks Serrels!). I'm enjoying the nest challenges as well - took me forever to get 34s of fever time. Now I have to get a score of 175000?! Sheeeeeet.

    Yeah, the 34s of fever time take forever, but I finished at when I was playing it at 1am one morning and now my high score is 199045. Has anybody beaten that?

      Batguy has an impressive 201,955. I don't think I'll ever come close to either of your scores. Mine's currently around the 110,000 mark.

    My high score is 209121. Getting the 175000 for the last objective took me a day or two, but once you get it, you'll keep getting it. Also, the course changes every day, so it might be easier on different days.

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