Mystery Game Studio Called Beachhead Will Improve Our Call Of Duty

Mystery Game Studio Called Beachhead Will Improve Our Call Of Duty

What is Beachhead? It’s the name of a new game studio we just heard about today. Bobby Kotick, the man in charge of Call of Duty publisher Activision dropped it during a phone call today.

All we know about Beachhead is that Kotick promises that the team is making an “innovative new digital platform” and “special services” for the Call of Duty franchise.

This news hit the same day that Activision killed its 2011 Guitar Hero game and the revival of True Crime.

What’s this mean for Call of Duty fans? We’re not sure. It could mean more downloadable content, more community features or something bigger. We’ll let you know as soon as we do.


  • Wait, so they have Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Sledgehammer, Beachhead and Raven software all working on CoD.

    Wow. Way to put all your eggs in one basket. Did they not learn anything from the way they abused Guitar Hero? Or Tony Hawk? So instead of yearly games, should the people that play CoD expect it it biannually?

    • Not to mention they killed god knows how many jobs over Guitar Hero and True Crime. Imagine the bloodbath when people don’t want CoD anymore.

      The horror…..

    • Agreed, this is insane. It reminds me of how crazy EA used to be, buying up studios left right and centre and then just pissing away all the talent.

  • Its gonna either be CoD: Facebook or a CoD MMO type persistent online gaming environment. Not necessarily a persistent shared world, but something you subscribe to for multiplayer without single player content.

    I don’t know why they haven’t done the latter yet, tbh.

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