Now You Can Play Gran Turismo 5 On Five HDTVs

The makers of Gran Turismo updated their real driving simulator for the PlayStation 3 earlier today, bringing with it a ton of fixes and features. It also included something for Gran Turismo 5's most serious players, multi-monitor support.

Yes, you can now play Gran Turismo 5 on up to five monitors at once, provided you have five PlayStation 3s and five copies of the driving game. If you find yourself with an abundance of monitors, PS3s and GT5, Sony has put together a handy guide explaining how multi-monitor support works, whether you have as many as five TVs or as few as three.

To see Gran Turismo 5 in five screen action, watch TweakTown's video of said feature on display at the Taipei Game Show.


    5 PS3s as well as 5 TVs?? What do they network them all together and create a large shared output?

      Taken from the guide that is linked in the article above..

      What is required to use the multi-monitor feature?

      To use the multi-monitor feature, you need the same number of PS3™ units and copy of Gran Turismo 5 as the number of monitors. All PS3™ systems running Gran Turismo 5 must be updated to the latest version of the game. The PS3™ systems that run the multi-monitor setup must be connected through LAN, connected together through a high speed switching hub.

        Definitely a clever if prohibitively expensive solution but I can't help but wonder how many people were crying out for this vs how many people were crying out for them to fix the AI that is really in danger of ruining the game

          They did make some slight ai changes to stopthem crashing into you all the time which actually makes a big arse difference

    I can only watch this on mute....

    While the technology is interesting - the black spaces created by the screen edges are too much of a deal breaker for me. I'd still rather watch it on one wide screen.

    Wow, two solid minutes of watching the babe booth scrape the walls around the entire track.

    Nobody could find a better video demonstrating the tech than that?

    If only Logitech actually kept up with consumer demand for G27 wheels, there might be more home rigs.

    But they dont.

    So there isnt.

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