Playing The Dragon Age II Demo Like A Girl

Playing The Dragon Age II Demo Like A Girl
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Dragon Age II’s Hawke might be a male for official marketing purposes, but on my Xbox 360 he’s a saucy female rogue with a fiery temper. Check out some highlights of playing the demo as a lady Hawke.

It’s a pity the character creation was disabled for demo purposes. Otherwise my Hawke would have been a little bit more ginger. Still, I’m mostly satisfied with her appearance, if not her combat acumen. There’s a big battle towards the end (or what I assume is the end) of the demo that keeps wiping my party clean, and no amount of mage-kiting or backstabbing is getting me through it.

That has nothing to do with my Hawke being a female, of course, and everything to do with me rushing through the demo without looting health potions.


  • I cannot wait! Wish I was at home instead of at work. Sucks that they removed the character creation though 🙁 I’ll download it on my US, UK and Aus PSn accounts and on PC to help get to the 1,000,000 DLs that they want!

      • Finished the US Demo last night. Didn’t recieve any DLC for doing it though. I’ll see what happens tonight on my PAL demo play through.

        So far my impressions are that DA2 is THE SHIT. Although I prefered the DA:O way of learning new skills and spells. Not sure WTF is with their new squeenixey “Sphere Grid” thing.

  • Yeah that fight that wipes you at the end of the video is rough, maybe not even doable without any healing pots but there’s more of the demo after that.

    Just finished it myself. Some disappointments (char animations, PC voice acting) but overall I am cautiously optimistic.

    • No, its definitely doable.
      I just finished playing through today and didn’t have to use any potions (unless they are automatic).

      I think its a lot easier when you spend talent points in the right area and upgrade the spells that deal area damage / buffs.

      Oh yeah and don’t forget those macros! They are paramount…A great idea I think.

      But I’m not impressed so far with DA2, the graphics are sub par with mass effect 2 and the character acting is just awful.
      The in game assets are also not that crash hot.

      I hope this is just a beta demo cause so far this one is off my list.

  • That fight is a bit tough
    It is essential that you use Aveline to tank while either using the mage to heal or aoe the other enemies whenever possible

    • I found all the battles to be quite easy, but I’ve played DAO.

      I’ll definitely be play Rogue on my first play through. Then mage, then warrior. I’ll leave my team npcs to stay tank – in the demo I found it kind of boring. Mind you, the demo is very limited.

      By the way, you should be able to get around level 20-25 when you finish DA2, but the actual cap is 50.

  • lol. There’s nothing complex about that fight at all. You don’t even have to use a single potion or heal. Compared to the Ogre fight in the tower at the beginning of Origins, it’s a bloody cakewalk. That’s one of the reasons people are saying DA2 has been dumbed down. Normal difficulty in Origins was MUCH harder than normal in DA2.

    Personally i’ll be playing DA2 on nightmare. Hopefully completion of nightmare will unlock a harder difficulty still. Here’s to hoping…

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