Sony Responds To DC Universe Cost Complaints

DC Universe has had a troubled launch in Australia - mainly due to the costs of local subscriptions. Instead of charging users a flat US fee, and letting the exchange rate take care of the rest, DC Universe has a flat Australian dollar figure - and we're paying more than the rest of the world. Thankfully Sony has responded to the DC Universe community in the form of a statement released today.

Below is Sony's official response...

"While SOE have no price change to announce currently, we have recently commenced a promotion for the 3-month PC and PS3 subscriptions reducing the price for a period from AU $54.95 to AU $39.95. This is in addition to the 30 day trial offered at purchase. We will continue to review this structure as we expand."

DC Universe Community Manager Tony 'RadarX' Jones expanded on the announcment.

What does that mean? There are no plans to change the subscription rates for DCUO in the very immediate future. This is all the information I can provide you at this time. I'm also closing the thread because this is as much information as we can provide right now. The feedback you are presenting is valuable but we are very cognoscente of the Australian community opinion and these threads end up devolving very quickly to political discussion and bickering.

My goal is to focus everyone back on to gameplay which is something we can directly and more immediately affect. We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding and hope to see that continued in the future. The Legend Promotion is a great deal and I would encourage each of you to take a look at it. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to PM me and I'll be more than happy to discuss it but this is the end of the road for this issue. If there are further updates I will be more than happy to discuss them.

It's good to see that Sony are at least responding to Australian concerns about price - and good to see that they have provided some sort of discount, even if it is only for a specified period of time. This might not be enough for some DC Universe players, however, as Sony still hasn't necessarily responded as to why Australian consumers are being asked to pay more for a product that is distributed digitally.

More as we get it.


    $40 is a bit steep for an MMO let alone $55 I reckon. Not to mention that the PS3 version costs more than the PC version and this has FAIL written all over it.

    More people need to exercise some self control and vote with their wallets, ie dont pay/play.

    If the place became a ghost town you can bet Sony would drop the price of admission faster than a sailor in a brothel drops his dacks.

    I'm surprised the writer of the article didn't dare to expose the statement as the thinly veiled smoke bomb it is:

    "Yeah, sure we do hear you and though we don't plan to actually fix the blatant daylight armed robber, -er price discrepancy, we're throwing you a bone in the form of a random discount if you commit to play at least 3 months. That said, do shut the hell up, whiners, these threads are only for people to comment how awesome the game is."

    New thread up here

    if your an Aussie its time to support it!!!

    Well now that my 30days is up I can no longer post on the DCUO forums. This will mean less and less Australians will be on the forums when their 30days expire, so I hope Kotaku keeps chasing this issue up with SOE for us.

      Yeah I cant post anymore as well....

      I think the thread is pretty quiet now and that probably means most of us got tired of having our threads locked for no reason + the ripoff + soe's bull and canceled.

      Soe is like a naughty dog. BAD SOE, no bones for you!!!

        It'll be dropping into silence pretty soon, won't be many concerned subscribers left.

    Still posting (TestEagle), my times up soon too, the servers are emptying out from what I hear, so guess I'll head back when f2p hits lol.

      Yeh I decided to download champions online because its f2p now and its actually pretty good. soe can eff themselves.

      dont get why they dont try to keep their customers now. 10 customers at 20 bucks or 100 customers at 15 bucks?

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