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  • I’m back kiddies!

    Also, I bought an iPod touch at LAX waiting to come home(from a VENDING MACHINE!), so any suggestions for games? I bought Infinity Blade last night and I’m loving it so far.

    • There is a crapload of games :O :O

      Look at Gameloft for mainstream/console game rips like Shadow Guardian (Uncharted), Eternal Legacy(Final Fantasy) etc. They have free demos now.
      Or Chaos Rings from Squeenix. I loved that game.

      Or if you like the cute short ones, the usual
      – Angry Birds
      – Cut the Rope
      – Game Dev Story
      – The Incident

      and…too many to suggest, not knowing what you’re typically interested in 🙂

    • Hey Strange welcome back 🙂 I’ll check out with my daughter what game it was, but she has this finger dance music game which works really quite well and you would be ace it with your RB skills.

    • Ok, so:

      Angry birds seems to be something everyone loves. You can also get Angry Birds lite to try it out, and Angry Birds Seasons.

      Cut the rope: is addictive and fun. There’s a lite version and there’s a holiday version for free, in addition to the main game.

      Helsing’s fire: One of the more underrated gems, it was made by a former Naughty Dog and it’s the crazy awesome puzzle game with an excellent soundtrack. If there’s only one game you buy from this list, it’s this.

      Hookworlds: I’m just addicted to this. You swing on a rope form a monster. It may stupid/boring and reptitive, but I’ve wasted many hours on this.

      DoodleJump: In the same vein as Hookworlds, except you just jump up and dodge bad guys

      All things HalfBrick: HalfBrick have release Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies and Monster Dash. I love all 3 of these games (except for Monster Dash, which seems to not work properly on my iPod since the last update). Nevertheless, you should buy/try all 3 of their games.

      Firemint: Firemint have released flight Control which is quite fun, as well as Firemint real racing. There’s a demo version of real racing which you should try out before buying the full version, it’s kinda expensive ($12).

      Also, the eurogamer app is a pretty good app for reading game news.

      And I think that’s about it.
      Rant over.

    • GTA Chinatown Wars is great, it’s also half price at the moment because of chinese new year.

      Pizza boy is a pretty good platformer that borrows heavily from Mario and the snes era Donkey Kongs, which is fine.

      • Hahaha, that was my thing when I was in my early twenties. I’m older and wiser now. Plus I don’t think my boobs are big enough (or exposed enough)to get their attention. 😛

  • another day another week another monday morning.. ahhh how fun it is to be back at work 😐 anyways lucky me its a 4 day working week.. happy days how was everyones weekend?

    • Good! I achieved several goals. I finished Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. I beat some more of Mark’s times in Trials HD. Oh, and my wife had a baby.

      I think that is a successful weekend!

      • Congrats on the kiddie mate. Is the (wife/gf/partner, sorry i don’t recall and don’t want to assume) holding up ok, hope it went well with few complications.

        I don’t want to play down thew significance of fatherhood but it is very much like trials.

        There will be moments of amazing joy where nothing on the earth matters, but the price for this is frustration, anger and sleepless nights.

        Not sure if this is your first but either way it will be a big change. All the best and congrats again.

      • first on the list when i sort out internets is Trials HD so i can also be feeling some of this kotaku love haha..

        i swear its a secret society that we are currently missing out on because we dont play trails.

      • CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!
        On beating Marks time!! Nice job on AC too! Pretty epic weekend all round I’d say. 😀
        Oh, next time your on steam send me a message, I am funded at last! 😀

        Oh, and nice work on the busy too 😀

        Did you watch the birth? I’ll just say watching someone play Portal is much more fun….

      • Batbaby!!
        Congrats Batguy. Oh, and sympathy also considering I know you probably won’t be sleeping much anytime soon. 😛

      • Congratulatulations!

        Have you bought it a really small xbox controller so it can grow up learning the marvels of speed-runs and mastery of infinite finger-skill (I swear, at birth you must have put all your spare points into dexterity)?

        • GJ on the sperm accuracy. I don’t think I’ve ever heard conception described in that way before. That was… beautiful man.

          • When I got my wife up the duff, my pal Unki Paul congratulated me for having “good swimmers”…

      • Thanks all, feeling the love. As all you other parents would know, it’s been an amazing couple of days. Baby boy, both he and my wife are in amazingly good health when you consider what they’ve been through.

        @FatShady: Loving the continued Trials obsession and associated strained metaphors. Now you just need to work out how platinum medals, DLC and competing for number 1 in Australia fit in.
        @Qumulys: I did kinda watch, but it was a 5 minute surgery job rather than a 20 hour marathon. I was happy to ignore the cutting and just watch the very end.
        @Strange, jamesmacusedmyhandle: Batman’s sidekick is Robin. Surely we can work that in there somewhere?
        @NotoriousR: Boy
        @Blaghman: I already have one of these for him: . I might put his level up points into strength and HP so he can be a tank to round out my party.
        @Chuloopa: :S
        @affy, Andy Te, Tristan Hennessy: Don’t do it. Get out while you can.

    • My weekend – Back to my FIFA 11 season, slowly getting through games but momentum ain’t much.

      Raging and raging and raging at Trials HD, 8 minutes left to clear the last jump in Attica Dominatus and I didn’t do it. I’ve since watched FatShady’s replay and if I’m feeling narcissistic this week I’ll give it another shot.

  • I bought FFXIII for $18 at GAME, and I’ve been playing it all weekend.

    I don’t know why this game is flamed on so badly. I’m really quite enjoying it. I’m about 8 hours in, just swapped discs for the first time, and the combat is starting to get really strategic and exciting.

    • I really liked it too. It was a great game, just not a great Final Fantasy game. But I wasn’t disappointed because I haven’t expected a great FF game since Sakaguchi left and took the soul of the franchise with him.
      I really enjoyed the combat system, there was always something to do, unlike in FFXII where it pretty much played by itself.

      • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???

        12 played by itself? So did 13!!!

        Also you can turn the gambits off in twelve and do it yourself, Which I guess was kinda possible in 13 too…

        Still, I prefered the story world and characters in 12 but thats just my perspective and amounts to zilch.

        Snow is a dope!

    • Because it’s different , and the fact the first 40 hours may as well be a movie since it’s one long corridor of fights and cutscenes

      At least that’s my opinion

    • Its still sitting in my games to be played pile. Your talking like that makes me want to put it in and see what happens.

    • I too picked it up for 18 on Friday.

      I bought it on launch day, but got rid of it when it didn’t get fun. So I rebought it, thinking I’d give it another shot… and it just still isn’t clicking with me.

      I playing through the bit where there all still seperated, Lightning has just split from Hope, Vanielle and Szaz have just rejoined with him… it’s still not fun.

      I don’t think I quite understand the battle system… because I’m consistantly getting my arse handed to me.

    • I also liked it. I tend to agree with Strange’s summary. I also found it helps if you think of it more as an interactive story then a game, same way I think of most of the metal gear solid series.

      James Mac – been a while since I played it but if I remember right the most important part was setting up a few good paradigm thingmajiggys when you first start using each group with a good choice of offensive/defensive/mixed. Then it’s just down to timing when to use each one.

    • I think my biggest problem is the fact I waited so long for it and it wasn’t at all what I wanted.

      With 12 I expected big changes coming from that particular team. They did all the Tactics games and I loved them and the world they created, Ivalice.

      With 13, the team was from X-2, a game I loved.
      They didn’t deliver an iota of the fun I had with X-2.

      I would have taken it back (buying the $130.00 collecter’s edition was a mistake) but I read a review that claimed after the 40 hr mark the world would open up and it would begin to play like an RPG. Din’t happen. I stopped playing, sits on the shelf waiting for me to calm down and return.

      Things missing I want :
      World Map
      The ability to level a character the way I want too.
      Dungeons that are a challenge to explore.

      I can deal with the fact I don’t like the characters or story much coz I’m sure theres people out there who totally love it.

      I think that loudmouth at Bioware was correct when he said it isn’t an RPG.
      And the comment above about it being an interactive movie or sumsuch is right on the money.

      You are lucky you were pre-warned so when you played it you weren’t expecting much!

  • was far too hot to do much of anything this weekend. hardly played any games at all. I was hoping to brush up on my GH & RB skills for the showdown with Strange, but it wasn’t to be. I think I would have passed out had I tried :0 I’m so sick of this heat. You lucky southern buggers have it good today by the looks of things! 24c! mmm I can dream! Have to go printer shopping this morning for a customer! Yay for work!

    • If you’re out in Canberra today, you might need a jumper. It’s bizarre.

      Also, a few days back the hottest centre recorded was Sydney. Sydney! That’s not supposed to happen (Bloody arms of Yasi, reaching out, freezing Canberra).

    • Well considering we had 40c heat a few days ago, it seems fair.

      Also, on the topic of weather, did anyone get affected by the crazy rain on Friday? I was walking home at 1am on Saturday and it just opened up. Like. I was soaked to the bone within minutes. But it was glorious. It was honestly the best walk I’ve ever had. But then I got home and stood outside for a bit, forming a puddle as the water streamed off of me.

      • I was lucky on Friday afternoon, after spatters of really heavy rainfall, it just started bucketing down, and I’m sitting at work thinking “getting home is gonna suck.” Luckily, my sister had to pick her car up from a mechanics, which just so happened to be about 50m from where I work.

    • I seriously doubt you’ll need to do much brushing up: I haven’t played a guitar game for ages.
      As far as the heat goes, I was so wrecked getting home from the mild Florida winter into the full-on Australian heat. Complete shock to the system. But at least we most likely missed the worst extremes of it.
      And definitely yay for work. 🙂

  • Backbreaker iphone/ipod touch app is free atm. If you haven’t picked it up, the price it right and it is a good fun little game. Check it out.

  • Anyone watched the Top 5… with Lisa Foiles videos on… a competing popular gaming website magazine typified by its Escape-based antics? I remember reading some of her columns, I think they get posted here once in a while, and thinking to myself that hey, the All That girl has grown up and writes some ok game journalism. But these videos…

    They are really off-putting, IMO. She’s cute and everything, but seems to be really, really playing it up. I mean, check where that skirt sits in the video about bad box art. I think of how my wife* would respond to that video, when she can barely stomach Hex on ABC cause she feels like Hex screams ‘pandering to adolescent males.’ I mean, I don’t know Lisa/her work all that well, maybe its really a character the way Yahtzee is, but yeah, I really think she could back off on the cutesy act. I’d rather take her seriously than feel like I’m meant to ogle her.

    *My wife is 24 and a cute blonde herself, who also has a couple 80+ Warcraft toons, played Doom, Wolfenstein and GTA: San Andreas more than I have, etc etc. She’s got gamer cred, just to be clear!

    • Uggh, I agree completely.

      There are occasional good points, but christ, I swear I’m the target market, but it just annoys me. I’ve been meaning to write an essay on the differences between men and women appearances on the internet, and that particular website was a perfect example…

  • Just moved into our new office this morning. It’s pretty rad.
    I couldn’t find the address in my phone, but was able to find it using the force.

    • The image I have in my mind, is of you running to every office in the general area of wherever it is you now work, opening the door, and yelling in “IS THIS MY OFFICE?” until you eventually succeed.

    • ‘but was able to find it using the force.’

      Creepy old man whispering in your ear where you should go?

      I joke, Alec Guiness was an excellent Obi-Wan!

  • **Trials HD Competition Not Really**

    Well, I tried to start a Trials HD competition but not sure if that was the result as Mark has suggested that we would be having something soon anyway.. but, I threw down a challange to you all to se what times you could get on Groundhog Begins. Here are the results. I know you are all still getting used to the game, but how are you finding it, and parts you are stuck on or awesome at? Fav track?

    Batguy – 20.874
    Jo – 23.012
    AmbroseIV – 23.637
    Mark – 25.715
    Blaghman – 25.854
    Sarujin – 26.478

    Even though im not competing…
    FatShady – 18.960

    I’m just glad to see so many people playing this game. As i suggeted last week, don’t think about competing with eachother as much as improving your skills. You will find others that are at a similar level and try to compete with them.

    For example,

    Blaghman could try to beat Mark, Ambrose can try to beat Jo and Batguy can just stop playing these games!

    I will not suggest another track this week, but will ask mark to let me know if there is going to be something organised this weekend. If so, then i’ll wait for that. If not, can someone suggest a track that we can play this week?

      • Not sure i know your gamertag sorry? Either tell me here or send a PM to FatShady Live. I have a friends list that is usually close to full and many people are Trials HD players i have never spoken to. Sorry if i missed you.

        If you are on my FL, I can post your time today if you tell me.

        Also, as for the track, last week was Groundhog begins and this week we don’t have a track yet as I am waiting for Mark to decide what he wants to do.

        • gamertag – sledcommando
          You were very helpful to have on the friends list for replays, even if I couldn’t get your technique down.

          But I think my time would be middle of the pack anyway so no need to shame me by posting it. Hopefully soon we’ll have something semi-officially-unofficial *hint hint Mark*

          • Better than I thought. Still can’t get the start smooth enough to make the leap over the box and nail Platinum.

    • I did not realise there was a competition running… *Sigh* I guess I’m now just “Blaghman, the below average.” I was so happy being average at everything I ever did.

  • My weekend was a little hairy due to flooding. I live next to a lake, which we had been assured had advanced drainage and would never flood… Well, it flooded, footpaths disapered under a murky goo of weeds and algae which had promptly blocked up the draining systems… So we um and ahhed for a few hours whether to move everything upstairs, but I was so engrossed in minecraft that real life almost stopped. Until the roof started leaking. Right above my bed. :/ Oh, and I officially hate huntsmans which I’ve had TWO in the car in the last week, and at least one in the house every few days for the last month or so. Some are living outside the upstairs windows, and I freak out each time I walk past. Why am I being so over run by them? Do they not care for my fear??? So I’ve decided a spider exterminator is to be called for.

    Also, I did the dumbest thing in minecraft, which I would rather not talk about.

    • Dug up into water
      dug up into lava
      jumped into lava full of awesome gems
      dug into gravel/sand which fell on you
      burnt your house down
      flooded your home with a roof top garden

      Oh sorry, they are just the bumb things I have done! What did you do, you can share.

      • Now I’m worried about setting my house on fire, and flooding it, thanks to my skylightlava.

        Thanks, now I’ll never sleep. 😛

    • Ooh do tell, it’s too late now not too.
      I had a pet huntsman once. His name was huntsy and I gave him to my Arachnophobic friend as a birthday present.

    • Yeah, there’s been a lot of spiders around my house recently, but maybe one of our lizards died or something. I just find huntsman adorable, mostly because my sister freaks at them.

      And honestly, there is nothing you can do in minecraft that hasn’t been done before, but also while on fire (unless you were on fire, in which case, good work).

    • Minecraft… urgh. ok. So, I start a new world, but put a mine right at spawn point, so if I died, it would be easy to get where I was. So, I dig down to bedrock, come up a few levels, then plough away, collecting a huge booty of diamonds. I timed, my straight tunnel took 4 minutes continually walking down a straight path to get back to my mine shaft. Then, I hit a cave system and go for a look see. Anyway, this cave just got bigger and bigger, and I was completely lost. With 40 diamonds, 120 gold, who knows how much iron… Anyway, I get attacked and get down to my last 2 hearts. I decide the only way to get out alive is if I dig back up to the surface. I hit water, but miraculously survive. Then sunlight! Oh the relief. Now I only had to work out which way home was. So, I build a tall stack to look over the land. But I am baffled as to which way home is.
      So, I make a compass. I figure to myself, I’ll set out walking south to 10 minutes or so, if its no good, I’ll head back to my tall stack and try again in another direction.
      I spent 5 hours, wandering about, not wanting to lose my booty, nor leave it in a chest behind knowing I would never find it again.
      So, I look on the minecraft wiki if there is any way to get back to the spawn point (beside dying).

      Easy, it says. Make a compass. It always points back to spawn. FFfffffffuuuuuuuuuu!!!

      I tried every direction except what I thought was north… I was back home after a 12 minute walk. It was a top adventure, but my god, how dumb was I to assume it was a normal compass…. grrr

      • Funny. Im surprised you didnt look which way the sun rose and then assumed that it was east so keeping the rising sun to your left you’d find north…

        I dug up into water last night, but plugged it up with cobblestone before i drowned. I did this about 10 times before i dcided i’d just go for it. I had dug into the bottom of an ocean just next to my house. I swan from the bottom up and only just had enough air to make it. I was deep…

        Good times.

        PS. I used the phrase ‘but plugged’ and ‘i was deep’ above hehehehe.

      • That’s not so bad, it’s just one of those stories you tell later and laugh at how silly it was.
        It’s kind of like digging a giant pit downwards. You dig, dig, dig, go back up, find another patch to dig down, go back up, accidentally fall off and die and curse. Trek back, dig, go back up, dig, fall, rinse, repeat. You forget how many times you’ve died now. Twenty, at least. You continue grumbling until a friend wanders by and wonders what you’re doing.
        “Digging downwards into a 64 block deep pit, what does it look like” you say, the tedium of the task having slowly consumed the great enthusiasm you once had. But suddenly realising you haven’t hit the ‘Chat’ button, all those presses of “W” and “D” have inched you further and further towards the ledge before finally plunging to your doom once more.
        You trek back, weary and beaten, now properly informing your friend about your pit through the chat.
        Your friend is there, halfway through the earth, having decided to help you during your absence. You take a break and watch him dig, as he very much precariously teeters over the edge. “Don’t fall”, you shout out. He stops digging and looks at you with a puzzled look on his face.
        “You know you can just hold Shift while you dig and it’ll prevent you from falling off, provided you don’t jump off, right?”
        No, I did not know that.

        See? Hilarious!

        • Now that is one heck of a useful tip! I don’t feel quite the minecraft noob anymore 😀

          @FS, you dirty minded fellow you.

  • **Not sure if this is being spoilerish in any way, so if you haven’t played ME2 yet, best not to read so I don’t ruin peoples minds xD**

    Finished my renegade run of ME1 and now I just began my journey of ME2. Gotta say I’m still on the fence on this. There are things better but there are things gotten worse since ME1. I’m playing it on PC so I think this one was more for console controllers but I don’t enjoy a “one button for everything” structure. On ME1 you had Shift for sprinting, Control for crouching (That’s even removed, you can only crouch when covering, not helpful with a sniper rifle in long range battles given ME1 experience), Spacebar for pause HUD and E for using/talking. On ME2, it’s Spacebar for all the above, including cover which was automatic in ME1. That’s all I’ve found bad on it so far, not liking how the story started either but I’ve only just started so not gonna make that concrete just yet.

    What I really love is the new galaxy map system. It really feels like you’re controlling the ship a lot more, and how you scout the planets is much cooler than simply driving and finding. Though I will miss the MAKO and being able to climb mountains with it lol. The inventory structure is a lot better, talking about weapons here, armour customisation is brilliant, loved even being able to colour it! Using your gathered resources for upgrades was another brilliant idea, really offers me incentive to comb planets looking for resources. Oh yeah and last but not least, new Garrus is cooler than ever!!

    I’m playing as my first character that I finished ME1 with, my Paragon Vanguard. LOVING the charge ability! I feel like a fracking human missile with that attack! Muahahaha! xD

    • This is probably going to sound stupid, but I (somewhat) prefer less buttons just for the fact that I cant remember what buttons are what. :/
      Not to the extent that it’s one button that’s context sensitive to everything, but once I hit 3 or more interaction buttons, I just struggle to keep up.
      I played the PC version of Assassin’s Creed 2, and I could never do any of the interrupt sequences because all that’d show up was a picture of, say, a hand, and while I’m sure it maps easily to a 360 or PS3 controller (indicated by location), I’d just look down at my keyboard and have no flipping idea what to press.
      I like Splinter Cell Conviction for this. The text that showed up telling you of the controls always seemed like a “Remember, this button does this!” helpful hint, rather than something condescending.
      I can also never remember which face button is where on my PSP/PS3. I have a Japanese PSP though, so O is confirm, X is cancel, but reversed functions on my PS3, but not in position, so it’s all very confusing when I transition from one to the other. Give me my DS though, and I know it’s XABY, going clockwise starting at 12.
      You’d think after all these years of gaming, I’d have some sort of vague form muscle (er, thumb/finger?) memory in regards to controllers, but alas.

      • Yeah in terms of AC2 I would agree with you there. But the controls I mention, for PC lots of it works with PC FPS players like myself, shift to sprint, ctrl to crouch, E for use, spacebar wasn’t jump, there was no jump but that was easily forgivable. I felt completely at home with ME1, easy to learn, quick to master since I’ve done this long before I touched the game, but with ME2, it feels so awkward, I’m stumbling on a lot of simple things because I’ve got all those hand muscle memories of how to run, how to crouch so I can take better cover and more accurate aim. Seriously I’m playing on Casual difficulty just to see the story and I almost died in several gunfights, because I forgot how to crouch and how to sprint to get to cover so I took a lot of hits! That’s how bad it got. 😛

        • Yeah, shooter staples, I gotcha. Recently played Call of Pripyat, didn’t even consult the controls to know that, say, E was use, F for flashlight, N for nightvision.
          I do find that lack of Space-for-jump amusing though. Especially in the first game. SHEPARD, SAVIOUR OF THE GALAXY, oh, he can’t even jump over 1-meter high railings. Okay then.

          • Robin Hood: Men in Tights taught a valuable lesson which is proven in ME, white men can’t jump! xD

    • About the sniper rifle crouching thing, I found that it wasn’t really that relevant because there are almost no long range encounters at all compared to the first game. They removed exploration and most of the outdoor levels, so everything becomes a pattern of leaping into cover and sniping from a middle distance. There’s no opportunities to, say, land on a hill and take out enemies from a hugely long range.

      That’s probably the biggest downside I found with number 2. Almost everything was reduced to an indoors-y type battle and there was no sense of exploration/scale.

      • Awwww what?! None? That sucks, I was really enjoying camping high on a hill getting out of the MAKO, and popping geth heads in their towers, same with mercenaries from half a click away. 🙁

        Well I guess if I’m a sniper, makes using the squad movement commands more appealing I guess, put them in front and you pop them from the back while they draw fire.

  • Anyone know what the best thing is for recording TV programes? I’m thinking of getting a TiVo or something. At the moment I’m still using a VHS and blank tapes to record shows and the quality is terrible. Not to mention that the VHS is hooked up to a non digital TV so I can’t record any of the new channels and I can’t simply hook it up to another TV because without the VHS the older TV doesn’t work.

    I’ve been thinking about getting something to record for a while but so far I’ve been able to cope. Last night I relized I could not cope any longer. Smallville on 11, Bones and Castle on 7 and Hawaii Five-0 on 10 all at the same time. Ended up taping Bones and Castle, watching Smallville and missing out on Hawaii Five-0 which I’d taped last weeks episode and enjoyed. Not to mention earlier this week I missed Stargate: Universe because I was super tired and went to bed early. At least I can rent the whole season on DVD though but then I wont have anything to watch on Thursday nights.

    So I ask again. What’s the best thing for recording TV shows?

    • I love my TiVo.
      We also have PlayTV but the TiVo is much more useful. You can set it to record every episode of something so you don’t have to keep track of when the channels are showing stuff and manually record each episode.

      • Having said that though, it still wouldn’t solve your predicament of four things on at the same time. It has two tuners so you’d need two TiVo’s. 😛 Basically I still use the internet for all the shows like Stargate Universe that are more important to me so I can keep up with the US and not get spoilered by random internet people.

    • My current solution of a TV Tuner + Windows Media Center works awesome.

      Another solution is PlayTV and big hard drive if you have a PS3.

      But I hear TiVo’s are good as well, so really, you got plenty of options!

    • I’m also in favour of using a TV card. But my PC is very much the center of my entertainment system. Everything is pugged into that.

      If your set up is more consol/tv based TiVo or Play TV are probably a better options.

  • So all 100% moved and set up now – it all went rather smoothly overall, thanks mainly to the organised way bee packed everything, it was just a case of unload and put it where we want it.
    Plus i got to drive a truck for the first time.

    On the downside – it’s going to take them 10 days to get the net set up… *sigh*

    But, for the moment – hi !

  • Going to my first L’s lesson today (yeah, shut up, I’m lazy and 5 years late to the party…). Should I be nervous or excited?

    • I remember the lessons I had , had two different instructors, and both were dicks…

      Maybe I just have a problem, and that’s why, but I despised the driving lessons, and only because of the instructors. So, if you have a good person, they should be pretty fun, sitting in a car, talking about music (that’s what my friends did…).

      • Similar situation for me. Learning to drive for me was a complete and utter nightmare. Took me 4 years and I failed the UK test five times. When I finally passed it felt like the greatest achievement of my life – I was almost in tears!

        • I just don’t know how I’ve managed to fail it in Canberra, given our test is something along the lines of:

          “Do you have a pulse”
          “Have a licence”

          Which, incidentally, is how you get a teaching degree in Australia.

        • My respect for you just shot through the roof (no sarcasm).

          I didn’t do mine previously because I seriously didn;t see th need. There is a bus that stops literally right across the street from where I live that goes to the city and chatswood. That’s all I really need… xD

          • Hey yeah! I did this!
            Bus stop is a whole minute (if that) away from my house, goes to the train station, catch a train wherever.
            I think both me and my eldest sister started at about 19-20, and according to my driving instructor, that’s probably the best age to start driving as a male, because you’re over that “VROOM VROOM I WANNA DRIIIIIVE” mentality most teenage boys have. My other sister, she started learning last year, at the age of 24. I guess we’re just a family of public transport enthusiasts (read: slackers). 😛

          • Ouch!

            You haven’t had to get a teaching degree for a while then… I’m three years in and it is w-a-y more difficult than my computing science degree was. Seriously. They make becoming a teacher damn near impossible now, and I’m about to embark on the mandatory “20 weeks of wrok, without pay” requirement of it.

      • I think the driving schools are being way too lenient now. I passed my driving test, while I was sick I might add in September last year, and I can’t do 90 degree parking worth a damn! The first time I actually tried, I scuffed my car on another car’s side. I’ve yet to even attempt it again, since it made a huge dent in my confidence in my driving, I mainly just look for a space that is either completely open or it’s right in front of me, with not much turning needed.

        Long story short, those “instructors” don’t properly prepare you for day-to-day things.

        • I could only do 90 degree parks when there were cars next to me, I suck at using things as a guideline, so I always fail at Reverse Parallel Parking. My main problem was that I suck at low speed control in the manual, which meant that T-junctions and parking were an absolute nightmare, apart from that, I was quite a good driver (better than most canberrans, anyway).

          • I’m only preferring to park when there isn’t any cars now, at least if I make a mistake, it won’t cost me paint from not one but two cars, being entirely my fault. I’m basically trying to practise it, trying to see when to turn, getting out again, etc.

      • I went for my license less than a month before I turned 22. I’m pretty much the oldest red P plater you’ll ever know in Victoria. If my instructor got a date after my b’day instead of before, I would’ve passed the “over 21 goes straight to green Ps” rule lol. Annoying thing is it was worded “over 21”, not “21 and over” 🙁

        • That’s exactly what I’m planning on doing. I turn 20 this year, and then I’ll probably get enough experience and then get my P’s next year. Straight to to green and no 120 hours required!

          • I didn’t need 120 hours either, basically it was just “when I’m ready” which I never truly did feel that way, instructor said that so she made date herself.

    • Yeah, good luck. I’ve had a grand total of one driving lesson and it completely traumatised me. I’m 34 and still don’t have a driver’s license.

      • That’s commitment, lol!

        How do you survive without a license (I’m curious). Do you live in an area with lots of public transport like me?

        • I survive by being a hermit. 😛
          There is a bus stop in my street though that goes to the closest major Westfield shopping centre and Brisbane city so I’m not completely isolated.

          Not being able to drive does suck though when I have to walk half an hour to take my daughter to and from school.
          Especially when I have to push my son in his pram loaded up with her super-heavy bass clarinet in the underneath basket up the hill.
          I survive this now through the kindness of strangers. A couple of the other Mums have taken pity on me and most days they’ll give her a lift to the school and back.

        • I’ll butt in here, I line in an area with good public service, but my plan is to get a girlfriend (for the alternate, rather random but amusing statement, you can simply cut off here) with a licence, thus negating the need for me to get one.

          What, that’s not how it works?


          • It’s totally how it works. That’s what my husband’s for when he’s not at work. Instant chauffer. 😀

          • I think the main problem I have is acquiring a girlfriend. Essentially, the only chance I’ve got is hoping they really liked Beauty and the Beast, which, to be fair is an awesome movie. Then I just need to bring out my rapier wit (closer to a sheet of paper), and my insanely good conversation skills (“Hi Blag” “Uh, what? Someone’s speaking to me? Oh shit I just said that out loud!”).

            Self deprecation for the win, maybe I can get someone through pity… (I kid)

    • Your best bet for learning, especially when you’re just starting, is to begin with a friend or relative.

      It creates a more relaxed environment when you’re practicing the basics like reversing, indicating, checking your mirrors.

      Once you have the basics down, then go to the instructor for formal lessons and for stuff like hill starts, parallel parking and other advanced manouvers.

      I’d also reccomend, if you can, learning in a manual. Like riding a bike you never forget and it gives you more options later on.

      • See, I’d disagree.

        Learn in an auto.

        When you’re learning, you’ve got problems enough… other cars, lights, hill starts, parking, pedestrians… etc.

        An auto is one less thing to be concerned about… and when you’re comfortable, and you’ve got the fundamentals off, hire a manual for a weekend and learn how to drive one of those too.

          • But you drive like a Diva though… right?

            I cheated and used a company ute to learn manual… fantastic fun.

        • I agree, learn in an auto. It’s much easier to focus on the basics.
          Then buy a manual as your first car, that way you are forced to learn.

        • Sorry, should have been clearer. Yes, learn the basics of handling in an automatic, but once you feel comfortable shift up to a manual. (Please excuse the pun)
          While it does add another element of management, it’s better to know it and not use it than need it and not know it.

    • LittleJJ has her second lesson tomorrow! 2 hours! She can already drive, but she learned in China and as such is licenced over there. She’s doing the right thing and learning over here again. Which is good, cos I think she needs a good brush up since it’s been over 6 years since she drove :0 I think more chinese people should take lessons here before getting their licence rather than just taking the easy road of getting their licence translated and then being handed an open licence no questions asked.

    • Best of luck buddy!
      All good advice above. Manual is definitely a bit trickier to start out with, but it’s handy to know.

      I guess the only thing that hasn’t been covered is accidents when you get out on your own.
      Besides the whole exchanging details, I recommend you ALWAYS take pictures of EVERYTHING, and find a witness if possible.

      A taxi driver hired a private investigator to track me down 5 years after an accident, claiming it was my fault – when he was clearly at fault and had admitted so at the scene.


    • I’m trying very hard to find the time to get it organised. I severely overestimated the amount of free time I’d have this year… 🙁

      @Spongebob: Love it >:D

      • hrmm…do you need help writing up the document? i can help out a bit, but my English and grammar skills are quite bad.

        also i can use this as a inspiration on writing up the document.

        hehe, thanks, glad you liked it. :D, any idea of what i should draw next. im still on holiday for like a week and im on a creative block. 🙁

    • Maaaaaaan

      Good to hear I’m not the only one slacking off!!

      After the Xmas and the Flood I haven’t had a cjance to comb my hair. Things seem to be calming down a little though…

      • You’re not alone. I admire his skill, the guy is a beast, but the guy’s got an attitude problem. I believe Vitor Belfort when he says that Anderson Silva is not a genuine person, that he “wears a mask” in public. Every time I see him try to show some humility and compassion after a win, it just seems fake.

        • He’s just an incredible ego maniac. After winning the fight, his mental interview, where he just kept talking and talking without giving his translator time to translate. That just bugged me. It was like, despite not understanding a word he said, I could just tell he was an utter twat.

          • OMG, I thought I was watching SBS for a while there… I agree, he’s simply a knob.

            Can I ask, is it the next UFC thats going to be in Sydney??? Anyone going to be there?

          • Yeah, I’m going to be there.

            Last year me and my mates were lucky enough to get the absolute closest seats possible (other than the media/VIPs of course). Our tickets were Section 1, Row AA, Seats 1-6. 😛

            This time we’ll be a few rows behind that, but still plenty close to see all the action.

            I can’t wait to see George Sotiropoulos fight again. You should have heard the entire stadium roaring last time he fought in Sydney. You just don’t get the same feeling watching a PPV.

    • Yeah, I watched the PPV with my mates. I was speechless after Silva’s KO of Vitor Belfort.

      Jon Jones’ title shot announcement took my by surprise. Shogun vs Jon Jones is going to be great!

      Also, love the GIFs. 😀

      • I really want to see Shogun smash Jones. But his reach is incredible. That said – Shogun really is a killer when it comes to strikes.

        • I really want to see Shogun dominate the UFC’s LHW division like he did back in the good old Pride days. I’m a Pride fan at heart.

          That said, I like Jones too, and I’m excited to see just what he’s capable of.

          No matter what happens, I think it’s going to be a great fight.

  • Anyone play the Killzone 3 Beta? Feel free to add me (NotoriousR) if you want. The game is visually stunning and some of the multiplayer modes are really quite fun. But the weight of the controller seems to have been lost, and the entire game seems more…CoD. That just makes me sad. The movement is too quick, you can sprint basically everywhere and that just ruins what I liked about KZ2. However, having said that, it still plays really well, and I’ll probably end up buying it a month or two after it releases.

    • Played it, enjoyed it, but I don’t think I’ll get it.
      The modes are good fun, (Warfare is quite an enjoyable experience), and I felt it was better than Black Ops, but I don’t think it’s really for me.

    • I’ve only played KZ2, and I couldn’t even finish that on the easiest difficulty, shows how bad my console aiming is xD.

    • its sad but in all honesty COD has set out the buisness model for success so it pretty obvious choice for many companies to jump on the cash cow bandwagon 🙁

  • Does this community have anyone running or with a significant stake in a Minecraft server? I’ve been wanting to play around in an online one for a while, but I don’t really belong to many communities that would support one.

    • Ive been on that for 2 weeks. I have a server (the hard part) that a mate of mine has a stake in who was happy to lend some bandwidth.

      I have made him assurances that it would not degrade his server (impact other games) as we are essentially squatting.

      I am however having issues setting it up. I have done everything required on the server side, I can see my machine connect to it but then the connection times out. It should not be a port forwarding issue or a firewall one because i was able to play on other servers OK.

      Anyone want to lend a hand with getting it set up please contact me.

      BUT… I am going to get a server set up. I will want to keep it private however but will gladly include who i can from this site.

      • It always could be a port forwarding issue, since the way it’s set up by port by port basis, and each game uses a different port entirely for communications, hence how you could have more than one game server running in the first place on the same box as well as being able to connect to them but not this server specifically. Default minecraft server port is 25565 according to Wiki. Just make sure that’s open on your firewalls from both your server and network devices between the server and outside world.

        You can test to see if the port is open from here:

        Please disregard this if you’ve already checked and tested it (Or tell me to shut up, up to you lol), just making sure since it’s the most common thing people miss when making game servers, I’ve helped dozens of others do it and it’s pretty straight forward once you get how the system works 🙂

        • Thats really helpful actually, thanks. The guys setting it up for me are reasonably experienced so not sure who there are issues. I will try to run this tonight and see what i get back.

          The minecraft server side properties file is so basic im surprised that there is any issues. As you say, all forum posts relate to port forwarding so i assume this is the issue. Until now i couldn’t check it.. now i can!!! thanks mate. VERY much appreciated.

          • *salutes* Glad to help my good human friend. I used to host a variety of games, from RPG servers to FPS servers. Neither of them worked at first, but they both used different port numbers. I did one of them on my router and computer’s firewall, bingo! Everybody could see it on server lists and able to get in no problemo, but the other one still didn’t work, since it had a different port number. So did that one next, again bingo. Almost every time I helped others THAT was the cause of it not working, people wouldn’t even be able to see it in server listing (e.g Gamespy for Neverwinter Nights). But yeah there’s a mass variety of port forwarding guides based on your router model. The link to it should be on every site that mentions port forwarding, really helps me out a lot. Don’t even need remote assistance to find out for them, I can just point them screen by screen 🙂

            Unfortunately I have no Xbox360 to take you guys on in Trials HD, hence why I’m not raising my hand. Sorry to miss out :(. I’d probably get stressed too with a game like that. xD

          • Well, you’re more than welcome to play some minecraft with me when its up and running. Do you play it or would you.

          • Yep I play it, as Sora from Kingdom Hearts xD. I love building cobblestone towers with torches on top to help guide myself home, using the stone I mine from digging to the centre of the Earth, in the same spot.

            I haven’t played it lately though cuz I’m focusing on ME2 on PC right now. Steam ID is jamiedeecee if you wanna add me (Brother made it and I couldn’t change it after he gave it to me xD)

      • When it’s ready I’d love to join, I don’t like to grief or anything 🙂

        and also I would recommend using a server mod for the server, as it gives much more control than the normal server

    • as far as i know, fatshady was trying to get one up and running. In the mean time, I’ve been playing on one run by Polycount in the US. It’s a bit laggy some days, but for the most part it’s not too shabby. would love to try it on a more local one though.

      • My one is in Bris Vegas so should not be a problem for any of us. It is a dedicated server that seems to be more than sufficient for our needs.

  • Well I This weekend I decided after finishing assassins creed II that I would play my most modern game in my pile of shame Vanquish. Another big thanks to Kotaku for providing me with said game.

    After two late night sessions on Friday and Saturday night and a little Sunday morning shift I had finished the story mode.


    I thought it was ok for the first half. It is a bit crazy with the multi tasking of boosting, evading, activating bullet time and shooting And always always over heating, which means running around doing cartwheels and looking for cover. Thou for all that there are some really cool moments when you slide in, slow down, shoot three guys, dodge a missile and punch a robot in half. It is just hard to get the timing right all the time.

    But the thing that really baffled me was the story. It starts out as a straight forward get the bad guy scenario. Gruff space marines being gruff to each other and swearing when ever it seems appropriate. (At least once per sentence)

    **mild spoilers if you don’t want to know anything about the story at all**

    Then they start throwing in the twists. One on top of the other and it is just goes from conspiracy to bat scat crazy way to fast. Along with the hero seeming to switch from never leave a man behind to kill anybody who tries to mess with me then back to save the guy you messed with me the most.

    Overall it had some good game play moments but was let down by a needlessly complicated story with really bad dialogue. It was trying to be a scifi devil may cry but it just made me cry instead.


    • I love a needlessly complicated story

      Hate bad dialogue, unless its RE bad which means it’s good!

      Won’t be playing cos shooteners hurt my timid brain!

      Sounds decent though!

  • Okay guys, so I’ve waited for the new TAY to post this but I have come up with something I believe is great, now like whoever came up with “kotakudos” I have come up with


    It really shows how we are all a great big family, and sounds wicked

    So use it as you please, as I will be using it to try and make it cool
    So go forth and spread the word my brotakus!

  • Mark – since Ask Me Stuff isn’t up yet, I’m asking a question in TAY.

    How many comments would you reject in an average day? What sort of stuff gets blocked? Do you err on the side of letting stuff through, or is there a hard line that means instant rejection?

    Also, are you wearing pants?

  • Lol I think that facebook link needs an overhaul. I just had the chance to edit any comments I like somehow when coming into TAY this morning… but being the good cyborg that I am, I decided not to exploit it :). I can’t upload screenshots on my work laptop but I’ll put it up here when I get home. xD

    • If we’re going to put more pressure on Ben here, then I might as well add: “Do not make KotakAU look like the American site. I don’t care about anyone else, but I don’t like it, it’s weird (there’s a new design there, for those wondering).”

          • Yeah, I’m glad we’re not going to anything like that, it really seems to be the web design equivalent of a literary graduates first novel…

  • Damn you minecraft!! I played for like 2 hours straight last night.. mining ever deeper came across a huge cavern and everything.. i must be miles down by now, but all I managed to find that whole time was 6 iron :0 WTF?! I think my world is borked. I have like 1000 cobblestone and gravel, fair few flints, but I’ll be damned if I can find any useful resources! Grrrr!!

    • Lol you will, I don’t carry all my stone, I leave them all in this small pit in my shelter. I think I’ve dropped over 500 cobblestone into that pit already, it helps leave space in my inventory for other things like the resources I pick up.

      If you can’t find anything, just go to another random location and begin again, leave all your stone somewhere if you need to use them later, no need to waste inventory carrying it. Remember the minecraft world is HUGE! You just had bad luck finding a bad spot 😉

      • hah yeah I actually had a crap load of wood, so i’ve been making little boxes and workbenches all the way down so I could store the cobblestone and make new pickaxes.. i must have filled 5 boxes so far! bloody annoying!!! :0 When I found that massive cavern last night I thought for sure I would find at least 1 block of something different, but the only thing different I found in the whole expanse, was 4 squares of lava oozing out of a wall :0 ARRRGH!

        • Yeah I found a lot of enemies in my cavern, where my iron sword really came in handy. I found quite a few resources while combing the caverns, but I made a silly mistake thinking that the mossy rocks could be made into something so I was harvesting that stuff, boy was I wrong xD. DERP!!

        • I found this tip useful. Ding a shaft all the way to the bed rock (undiggable stuff) if you clear out around the bedrock, you will see it covers 5 layers. After the 5th layer, you will get no more bedrock. Now, go back up 5 more blocks, so you will be 10 blocks from the lowest bedrock layer. Now, dig my boy horizontally. Just a long 2 high 1 wide corridor. Its at this level that you will find the most diamonds (really, they are around layer 5 to 15, but 10 is nicely in between). If you keep going, you will find shit loads of iron along the way. Forget about stone pick axes, they take far to long and wear out too quick. You’ll find more than enough iron to keep going. I used that tip, and now I’m like Paul Simon, with diamonds on the souls of my shoes. 😀

      • To get rid of a over storage issue of cobblestone, i made a garbage disposal unit.

        Get about 10 cobblestone, 3 steel ingots (to make a bucket) and then find some lava. get the lava in the bucket, take it back to your base and make a small hole. Make sure you surround it in cobblestone and be sure to block it off so you can;t walk into it, then throw all unwanted dirt/cobblestone etc into it with ‘Q’. They are gone for good!

  • Holy epic rain homecoming, Brisbane!

    Had to walk the kid to school but couldn’t find my raincoat (I can’t use an umbrella because it’s hard enough to keep the pram on the deathtrap they’re trying to pass off as a footpath with two hands, let alone one). Looked outside and it was only slighly overcast so I figured I’d be fine. Ha!
    By the time I got outside it had started sprinkling, by the time I got home I was a caught in a downpour so huge my feet were aquaplaning and if I didn’t have the pram to hold onto I would have sailed away down the hill.

    Man, I really wish I hadn’t bothered doing my hair this morning. 😛

    • lol poor strange.. it really is bucketing down atm.. i’m loving it though! It’s been too hot for my liking the past few days.. err week… I guess being lucky enough to drive everywhere helps me not care about the rain too much though!

  • Woooooooooooo!

    I’m 28 and I just got my Leaner Permit!


    Also, I missed yesterday so I have annoyingly gone back and commented on yesterday’s …comments.

    Choice Picks:

    Shane: FFXIII
    Batguy: Baybee
    Mark Serrels: Baybee

    and Strange:
    I welcome you back and I make a redundant comment about Final Fantasy 12!

    Also I’d just like to say hello to everyone, except you. You’ve always given me the willies. You know who you are!

    • You called me “dood”!!
      Actually that reminds about walking past a park in Miami where shirtless mans were playing a ballgame of some description and one guy was all ” Doood! You’re so stooopid!” at his team-mate. It really reminded me oh yeah, that’s right, I’m in a different country where they say things in funny accents. One of the most American things I saw.

      Also, if you think 13 played by itself you’re not doing it right….

      • I get dood from my pals the Prinnies. Can’t stand the grind of Disgaea, but I got all the way to the last boss in the Prinny platformer and couldn’t suss how to beat him. My PSP is sadly disfigured now. Just looking at it’s poor face gives me a headache…

          • If I had to guess I’d say it was your frame of mind. You’d waited so long and had high hopes and it wasn’t what you expected therefore it’s ruined for you.
            On the other hand, I thought 12 was a pointless, soul-less disappointment so the only way for me to go was up.

          • I’m hoping to go back in a few months and at least finish off that last bit of story. Hopefully before XIII-2 hits.

            Did you ever play Vagrant Story or any of the Tactics games?

          • Love love LOVE Vagrant Story. One of my favourite games ever.
            Tried FF Tactics Advance and really wanted to continue but the gameplay is not my thing. I suck at being overtly strategic.

          • But not 12…interesting.

            I thought it was the same kinda stuff but worked into closer to classic FF gameplay.

            I really loved the music and character designs. Vaan was a total waste of space. They should have just gone with the original idea and made Basche the main (even though just like Yuna in X, Ashe was clearly the most important!).

    • Contrats on the L’s.

      I got my L’s and my P’s the first day I could becasue at the time I lived in the country and had to rely on my parents to get around.

      You and me both on missing yesterday. Think I got my comments in before you though so I know at least one person is likley to have read them

      speaking of reading peoples stuff:
      If I want to send in a potential artice for something like “Let off some steam” how do I do that?

      The “Tip You’re Editors” link?

  • Dear Tech Knight

    Sorry for starting a new topic but wanted to make sure it was not missed. I tried the port forwarding URL that you gave me last night and the results were interesting.

    I tried my IP address (dynamic supplied by ISP) and i did a scan on commonly opened ports and it only showed up 80 and one other one. I tried to port forward (using my Belkin Playmax modem/router) but with no luck. I could not get 25565 to open up.

    Then i tried on the server. again, there were a few other ports open there but not 25565. Now i am not sure how to port forward on the server side so could not make changes here but…

    here is the interesting part. The server is used for PC gaming and there are multiple servers running atm. We found one of the ports for that game and tested it and it was closed also.

    I don’t really understaand this whole thing so wondering if you have any more advice, either on port forwarding so my router opens it up???

    Any help is appreciated.

    And @ welbot, yeah still trying to sort it out mate.

    • Yeah that link I never actually used myself, found that on the minecraft wiki. If it’s showing data which doesn’t make sense then just drop it and just go for trial and error testing.

      What I always do is make 2 entries in the “Virtual Server” menu (I’m assuming that’s where you did yours), one for TCP and one for UDP, just in case, both having 25565 (On internal and external ports just FYI). I’ve got a Belkin Barricade router at home so it should be similar, either under “Firewall” or “Security” depending on your model.

      For the server side you just need to make sure it’s allowed through the software firewall (if there is one), which you should be easily able to add rules like the router in the firewall settings, TCP and UDP port 25565 allow in both directions. I do that on my PC from my Trend Micro firewall. No need for any port forwarding on the servers. That’s the router’s job since it’s your gatekeeper to the internet.

      Unfortunately I can’t do remote assistance through Kotaku 😛 otherwise I’d jump in and check it out myself. I can however set my router up in a mock setup and post screenshots to you which you could use as a guide, just so you know for sure what you should have in terms of Minecraft.

      • I have team viewer 6 installed (awesome app btw) so if you want to drop me a line on ‘claimsboy [at] hotmail [dot] com’ then i would be happy to have you lend a hand.

        I did set up the virtual server to the correct port, I know my PC’s internal IP address (this is located in the router) and i set the TCP/UDP thingy to ‘both’ to cover it all??? Not sure what else i am doing wrong.

        If you are OK to help, then also install teamspeak3 as this is what we will be using for chat when the server is up and running so i can get you set up on that also.

        let me know when you’d be free. I can’t do anything before 8-9pm dur to having a 2yo monster so if after that is cool one night this week let me know.

        My main issue is that i need a reliable way to test that it is working. I will leave the server running so we can test.

        @The Cracks, yeah, I got the internal IP fine but thanks anyway. I did try the DMZ thing but that didn’t seem to do anything.

        • Sure I can do that, I’m on sdcdragonman (at) hotmail (dot) com. So you’ll most likely hear from me after I get home tonight, around 7pm I think.

          Yep, good you’re using the internal IP address and you got the protocols right. I just use both cuz all games would behave differently in terms of communications from server to client. This way all your ends are covered.

          There’s a teamspeak 3? Cripes I’m really out of touch, gotta get that then. I mainly used Ventrillo/Steam for voice convos. I’m usually up until 11pm-12am latest every night anyway, cyborgs like me don’t need much sleep :P.

          Yeah true, just trying from minecraft on PC to server isn’t good to help troubleshooting very much, it either works or it doesn’t, won’t tell you why it doesn’t.

          I’ll probably need to make sure I know what’s set up in this guy’s networking. Not to worry, we can speak about that tonight.

          • While trying to help me last night, my mate turned off the server! happy to have a chat tonight but it may not be up and running yet. Just letting you know. But if we can sort out my PC to forward to 25565 then we are OK.

          • I’ll actually try to set up my own too while I’m at it tonight and you could give mine a whirl, if it comes down to it. I’ll be making it anyway cuz I wanna see for myself how it works. It’s not gonna stay though, I don’t keep my computers on overnight unless d/ling, still living with parents, they don’t like that lol.

          • yeah i think that would help, just so you can see the server side of it. In saying that though, it is only really one server properties file that has anything in it, but it would be good to at least make a connection.

            Will talk tonight.

    • Have you made sure that you are forwarding the ports to the correct local IP? If you need to check your computers local address, bring up command prompt (assuming you are running Windows) and type ipconfig (this should show you your local IP).

      Also, check to see whether the ports needed are TCP or UDP, and make sure that the inbound and outbound port numbers are the same (unless otherwise specified).

      It’s also possible that you might have to establish a DMZ to bypass NAT restrictions, if it turns out that that is the problem.

    • if you need help with port forwarding, I can help you. Specially if you can get me remote access to the machine or something. Else, a realtime chat app and I can walk you through it if you like.

  • Fellow M&Mers, I can longer hold in my rage, a heinous crime has been committed. While simply building up my town, working on the production of it, disaster struck. I was pillaged by a terrible foe. This Stripple will rue the day they decided to mess with Blaggylaggy. The creatures of Blagdom prepare for war, we will not allow unprovoked actions such as this. Now, who will join me in my march for conquest (dunno if I should actually attack, I just felt like being dramatic).

  • Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve jumped of the ship of sanity. I am becoming an indie game maker…
    And I have one quarter completed game available to download. I call it Asteroid Evaders!. It’s a two player game like asteroids, except you avoid the asteroids instead of shooting them.
    I have an IndieDB page for the game
    The proper download isn’t authorized yet though, don’t download the version on the website. You can get the recent version here
    No, it’s not a virus riddled piece of spammy software… 😛
    I’m going to be adding some more features to it, like a points system, single player mode, the ability to choose which ship you want to play as, and an online leaderboard if I can find out how to do that.
    Anyway, enjoy 😀

  • I’m always impressed when a character unexpectedly breaks into song, but when my favourite (Harley Quinn) does it….

    i then found out it was an old song
    everyone that was showing loving for 1950’s women should watch this 😀

    I found this out via dvd commentary,and as only true geeks watch these, my question today is
    “What has been the best dvd commentary you have watched and why”

    Jay and Silent Bob strike back is hilarious
    The Mighty Boosh is funny because they get more and more drunk.

    • Can remember almost none of it (which means I should go and watch it again), but my favourite commentary so far would be Serenity.

    • Don’t think Ive done the commentary…none of the DVDs I have ever bought seemed to contain one…

      I do always watch those making of featureettes.

      My fave would be the ridiculously long Spirited Away behind the scenes that includes the dircter making 2 min noodles which is very important.

      I was also shocked to see that Satoshi Kon was a smoker… don’t know why(no Im not mixing up directors I just posted about two random DVDs ).

  • I went to EB after lunch today, and they’re offering some trade-in deals for the Nintendo 3DS, including one for the old DS and one for an iPod touch.

    Additionally, Mark:
    What is the liklihood we’ll get a competition to win a 3DS? I’m desperate for one, but am not so keen for the $300 price-tag…

    • I love the shamelessness MadTod, but be warned, you’ll have fierce competition from me, and my 100% disposable income…

      Now I’ve made myself feel bad about anything I win. *sigh*

      • Disposable income?
        Feel bad?

        I need a 3DS, good buddy!
        I know you’ll be there for me!

          • Ooooh, what happened?
            Do you have another job lined up? 🙁

            I hope everything turns out well, buddy! 🙂

          • Yeah right, Madtod. You just want a free 3DS.

            Don’t buy him one, buy me one!

          • This is the most popular I’ve felt since I offered to buy a bunch of year 9’s a hooker.

            That’s not irresponsible, right? (just remember, I live in Canberra)

          • Is hookers legal in the Cap?
            Year 9 isn’t that young is it?

            Guess the parents would get the shits…

          • Prostitution is legalised in the ACT, however there are restrictions, in that brothels are only allowed in Fyshwick and, ummm, one of the northside suburbs.

            Year 9 would be fourteen and fifteen by my guess, so a little young (but also pathetic and desperate).

          • Nothing dramatic, this is just a holiday job, and funnily enough, the holidays are about to end.

            I haven’t got another job set up, but given I now have a reference, in this market, how hard can it be? (Yes, I do have a pulse, and as a bonus, I can count all the way to ten, IN MY HEAD!)

            Sadly, whatever I end up with will pay me far less than this…

          • I theoretically have further studies, as I am 19, and still uni-ing it up, but whether I continue with that is a different matter.


      I’m keen. There is no way I can afford that beast or Sony’s beast!


      • Man, I love the beast, he’s awesome (I watched Beauty and the Beast the other day, it’s really pretty on Blu-Ray).

          • Ehh, no.

            The Disney musical.

            Because I am MANLY!

            (Also, Beast is a pretty awesome XMan. Now I’m imagining a Beast/Beast crossover, given Disney owns Marnel now…)

          • Marnel, he is cooooooooool…
            But seriously, Beast, beast and Marvel are cool!

  • Nohandle

    In a bid to show the power of cheap comic buying on eBay.
    I have just won oversized Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 and 2 Hardcovers for less than the price of shipping!


    • Bendis and Lafuente for Vol 1?
      Bendis and Bagley Vol 2?
      Wow, how much for the lot?
      This is my list for collection when i arrive

      Absolute Batman: Hush
      Absolute Dark Knight
      Absolute Batman: The Long Halloween
      Crisis on Infinite Earths Absolute Edition
      Green Lantern Rebirth
      Absolute Death
      Absolute Justice
      Absolute V for Vendetta
      Superman/Batman Vol 3 Absolute Power hard or softcover
      Absolute Watchmen
      Worlds Greatest Superheroes (Paul Dini and Alex Ross) Hardcover collection

      All confirmed except for HUSH… can get it but damn it’s pricey

      • No no, the first Bendis and Bagley ones. Ive yet to read Lafuents run as I stopped collecting when Bagley quit.

        Like your list except for anything Alex Ross related. Mostly I don’t like his style.

        Liked Marvels and Kingdom Come. KC works for me cos I feel he paints evryone old, and they were supposed to be. Marvels I like cos it was written so damn well.

        DAMN! My local once had Hush Absolute for cheap cos it had no shrinkwrap, I couldn’t afford it at the time…

      • Have you ever read Crisis on Infinite Earths?

        I knows it’s a classic and all, but I think it would have gone down a lot better had I read it in the 80s when it happened.

        It’s a big mess of cameos as they try to fit in every hero that DC has ever owned and somehow make it work with the main story.

        Back in the 80s that would have been as exciting as all get out, but these days it seems like a big mess to me.

        Doesn’t help that I’m a Marvel fanboy, so I don’t care about Hawk and Dove even though Liefeld wants to make man love to them…

        • Have only read “in theory” (long winded internet text)
          I know it’s a mess, but isn’t the joke that is was supposed to solve continuity problems…
          Hush is $150 plus in US…. still considering
          Have been trying not to look at Marvel, too tempting but so far
          Captain Britain Omni and Bendis Daredevil Omnis are on the list already
          And the Punisher one you and Notorious R talked bout….

          • I love the Cap Brit omni, I own it of corse. That is Davis when he started at Marvel. You really get to see him grow as an artist.

            Which DD omnis? There are a few. Stick with anything written by Bendis, Mack, Brubaker or Miller and you will do fine. Miller’s being old have that classic over explanation and each issue starts with a recap of DDs powers and how he got em…co that what you did back then. But they are suprisingly mature. Part of that whole 80s thing with Sawamp Thing , Watchman and American Flagg.

        • If you want more Dini, check out the Detective Comics (batman) series he wrote for a while, those are pretty good.

          He also seems to be doing a Zatanna ongoing series at the moment. Should be fun!

          • Only recently “discovered” Zantanna thanks to your Tee picks and Batman TAS. Will checkout.

            If anyone else is interested in any of the books on my list, let me know. I’m getting double of most to sell on ebay when i get back, but will work out prices for Kotakuese if any of you are interested…

          • You sneaky little business man, you.

            I bet you’re putting this whole trip on tax too, in support of product research for the store!

          • I promise nothing. I get 2 hrs with the boy and then he sleeps, after that the MRS goes intarwebz caraaazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

            But we will see…

          • I watch dem, dey good. Harvees is bedder.

            I also have a love of H.Q., mostly her costume. I was shocked when I found out she’s a smart/dumb blonde. Wish she was more independant.

            Did you KNOW?#3
            Harley was invented in and for Batman TAS and then moved to comics because of her popularity?

            DID YOU KNOW#4
            That fat twat Kevin Smith named his daughter Harley Quinn Smith. No shit.

          • I only discoverd Harley through Batman:Arkham Asyslum (the game), learnt that voices were all from cartoon. (Blew my mind when i found out that Luke Skywalker was the Joker) Got into the cartoon, found out my favourite eps were all written by Timm and Dini, based on actual comic storylines and now i’m obsessed!
            Knew the Harley facts, got a couple myself
            1# Harley is actually based on Arleen Sorkin, cos she and Dini are friends
            2# Her and Dini drove to work together and she was singing the song i posted as vocal warmup, he then wrote it into the episode.

          • Love AA, was cut-up that Harley was sans costume…GRAH!!!

            Have you looked into the AA comic?
            Written by Grant Morrison and painted by Dave McKean. It’s whacked and good.

            A lot different from the game though…

    • Yeah, I saw it when it came out. The saddest part is that how the character reacts is exactly how I reacted!

      Man, I REALLY want Skyrim!

      • It’s weird, I’m not sure why I’m so excited for Skyrim, Oblivion was a glitchy mess, and I only logged 50ish hours into it, and while Fallout 3 was fun, I never finished the main story, and it only got 30-40 hours. Still, in my mind I can see myself wasting hundreds of hours on Skyrim, solely in the two weeks after it comes out…

        • Well, it’s part of a sentimental chain. Morrowind was my first real RPG, and oh god did I love it. Oblivion was a bit of a letdown, but mods made it infinitely better.

          All I know is, I won’t be seen outside of my room after November 11… at least for 3 months… 😀

          • I played Morrowind for the first time after I’d played Oblivion, and I could never get over how clunky it felt in comparison. It was much better in many, many ways, but I just couldn’t get over the controls, and the feel of combat (also, cliff racers).

        • If you foloow the main path you can finish F3 in 9 hrs or something pathetic…

          I still haven’t done Oblivion, keep getting sidetracked by random quests and other games.

          Has anyone played the original xbox Morrowind on a 360?
          That would be the only way I could give it a proper go.

          • Ta

            I really wanna know if anyone has played. This page isn’t that accurate compared with my experiences on KotOR 1&2, Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast, Jade Empire and Conker: Live and Reloaded.

            I have never experienced as many problems as is on the page. I think PAL version must be better or something.

          • I played it for a few hours or so on my 360 and had no problems. Have no idea how well it would work if you were going to invest the megatonne of time required to complete it though.

      • Follow the link through, brudda. He’s quite the animator. I watched the Saturday Morning Watchman it is dead on.

        I think that’s exactly whet Alan Moore thinks of the Watchman movie.

  • Been playing dragon age for a couple of days now.. how far in does it start to become more.. gamey and less movie-ish 😐 I mean… I love an rpg with lots of dialogue and stuff, but this seems to be dragging on something feirce.. I’ve just reached the village after leaving the wilds, and so far it seems like there’s more dialogue than action. Does it ramp up soon or is it gonna go on like this for a while longer yet?

    • Thankfully you still have… dozens and dozens of hours of gameplay left :/ By the time I finished Origins and all the DLC my play time was up to something around 200 hours. Guh.

      It will ramp up soon, although there’s always a lot of cinematics and dialogue.

    • I love the talky bits, they’re the best parts of Bioware games. Playing the Dialogue? Genius!!!

      But yeah the game gets more gamey and free after that town.

      • Theres acheivements for doing each intro, so it’s not a total waste.

        I love that they did that. I’m hoping that the new (very ME) direction they are taking with part 2 works out to be as fun.

          • first time was a City Elf fem Rogue fence sitter
            Then I started a mage human goody
            then a warrior human baddy.

            I have played through all the origins now.
            Wish I made my mage an elf.
            Wish I made my warrior a Dwarf.
            One day I will do a dwarf play through.

            I had most fun as the arcane warrior.

          • I originally settled a goody two shoes elf mage.
            Then i met Morrigan.
            I’m now an evil human mage with bad ass face tats!
            Medieval Pimpn’!!!
            Dwarven Warrior is my next choice..

  • I have it on very good authority that Team Bondi (L.A. Noire) were chilling out at Pure Platinum in Sydney last night and throwing a fair bit of money around.

    Apparently they’re very nice guys. I just thought it was kind of funny when I heard about it. Though I always got the impression that game devs were supposed to be underpaid.

  • **Minecraft Server Update**

    Hi all. First off a big thanks to Tech Knight for helping last night. We were able to get the server running for the first time last night. I played on it for a couple of hours… BUT, unfortunately, it is far from being ready for you all to join in. It is very buggy/laggy/crap and at this point, not really enjoyable.

    I will investigate some of the error messages i’ve been getting and see what if anything can be done.

    So the short story is that there is still no server but we will let you know as soon as it is stable enough to play on.

    Now that we have it running i am more keen than ever to get this working. I am assuming that it will be a world with no conflict, however after i opened the door to our house and let a monster in i think Tech will want revenge! Sorry again! My bad.

    • Awesome!! I can’t wait to be part of it, I already have a project in mind, which will require donations of cobble. Hopefully some nutter wont come in and destroy it…. Perhaps all those who are let in to the server must oblige to rules of no destruction/bad-assedness? Anyways, great to hear some progress is being made. Also, welbot has offered his services for helping you guys out if you missed it. He’s pretty talented in the server side things. 😀

      • I think griefing is really only an issue when you have a massive community that comes and goes frequently, without anyone to keep track of each other.
        I don’t recall how many of us have expressed interest in going on FatShady’s server, but I don’t think it was any more than a dozen. It’s an easily managed number of people, and we each know each other so we can’t hide under the guise of anonymity and wreck other people’s stuff and pretend we didn’t do it. We respect each other enough not to. Because we’re pretty awesome like that. 😀

    • Lol nah, I didn’t die, but I did take a lot of damage from that zombie. I pulled a true Kingdom Hearts Sora and kicked it’s arse with a wooden sword xD. I just need to get some pork and some cobblestone, cook it up and replenish my health. I don’t take vengeance UNLESS you decide to blow up what I build or actually kill me, cuz when you do that, IT’S ON! 😛

      @ Qumulys: I agree 100%, FatShady was talking to me last night about limiting the number of players to around 5 after we get the lag issues sorted out, then slowly expand from there. 100% Kotaku players as well on this server only, making sure it’s people we know and trust. One definite rule I would enforce on top of no griefing/destruction of other people’s property, if a creeper was going after you, it blew up and damaged somebody else’s creation (Or if you used TNT and caused unintentional collateral damage), it’ll be your responsibility to fix it, or at the very least, leave lots of resources behind at the site as a compensation payment, saves them the trouble of getting all the resources again to rebuild. BUT, if it’s a shelter, 100% enforced, REBUILD THE EXTERIOR.

      Welbot I dunno if you could assist on lag issues for a game server but any insight would help a lot. I could only think that either the bandwidth is maxing out somewhere in their network, or bandwidth allocation from the router or server was inadequate. Could also be possibility of since other game servers run on that already, and assuming it had a lot of players in at the time was too much to spare the resources for the minecraft server

    • I am keeping tabs on this 🙂 I wanna play now, but every time I start up a solo world I feel like it’s a ‘waste’ cause I have no one to share it with. Man MMOs really screw with how you appreciate gaming.

      • I’ve never played an MMO (due to life existing elsewhere) but i actually now feel the same.

        It is such a good game for doing what you want, but you need to show it off huh?

        I made a rollercoaster that not only drops you off at your door but opens the door for you also. I want you all to ride it with me.

        As soon as I get it working you’ll know.

  • Just a note to Mr Serrels sir, did you just receive an email from me which hopefully wasn’t gobbled by the Allure Spam Eater 2000? Thanks mate. 🙂


    Instead of an upcoming match making night, I say Mr Serrels buys Amnesia and we all watch him play it as he streams it live. We can all chat while he plays. wait wait wait, scratch that, we can all laugh while he cries.

    Good idea? yeah? HANDS DOWN ITS A GOOD IDEA!

  • RAGE! I’ve been looking to hopefully piece together a new PC mid-year with some TAX goodness. So I was very much looking forward to making a Sandy Bridge based setup. But after some research I am amazed at the greed/stupidity of Intel. 🙁

    My daughter is into making awesome videos and movies so I purchased her a HD (kogan….) camera a while back. Only thing was, my computer could not handle the HD format well at all. Each clip would take ages to convert into another format just to make them semi editable without the computer falling in a heap.
    So, the computer update would hopefully improve things for her editing. Sandy Bridge has its (reportably) awesome onboard HD video handling support, making HD editing a breeze. This would be great. In theory.

    As things stand unfortunately, to get the benefits of the Sandy Bridge editing support, you must used a certain type of Mobo. One which has no SLI/Crossfire support. Because, as soon as you add a dedicated graphics card, the on-chip HD video support function becomes disabled/useless!!

    So, where does this leave the direction of the Personal Computer? It seems they want me to build 2 separate systems, one for video editing and one for gaming! Is this pure greed? Bad marketing decision? Am I crazy to want my PC to be able to do more than one dedicated task?? I think it is unfair and outrageous to pay for something only to be denied its potential. 🙁

    Now, I am unwilling to buy 2 systems, and feel quite angry at this decision by Intel making me not want to purchase even one. >-(

    What are everyone elses thoughts on this? Am I unfairly upset?

    • I’d say it’s justified disquiet, however, my recommendation stands at getting the cpu you want, and the gpu you want. If you get an nvidia, the CUDA technology should allow for better HD video stuff than whatever intels option is, so I wouldn’t really worry about that (ATI/AMD have a similar thing to CUDA, right?). So, so long as whatever program you’re using can utilise that tech (I’m honestly not exactly sure how it works, so I may be completely wrong), you should get improved performance with just a single pc.

      • I’m reading it as the recall is more to do with the chipsets, not the cpu itself. The chipset is unable to support sata ports 3 onwards properly. Hopefully though the revised chipsets will also allow both the onboard cpu hd decoding, and the grfx card use as well.

        I’m confused, grrr why must they make new chips so confusing! call them new chip 1, new chip 2 etc. There’s so many levels and models its bonkers!

    • Oh dammit! That really sucks. I too was going to build myself a new computater, but I figured I’d just wait until middle of the year holidays to do so, seeing as they’ve gone and recalled Sandy Bridge. If that’s true what you’re saying, that’s just stupid and annoying.

      • I’ll probably be building a new pc, I decided “bugger Sandy Bridge” so I’ll probably just get a normal i7. They’re bound to have had a little price drop since Sandy Bridge was announced.

        • I’ve been running an i7 for ages now, and I have to say that I haven’t been able to throw anything at it that’s made it choke yet. I really haven’t read as much on the sandy bridge as i could have, but really I don’t see the fuss.. the i3 and i5 chips have gpu stuff built in the same as what q-bo was talking about. If you use the right mobo, you can gain massive advantages over a standard onboard chipset, but as Blaghman pointed out, CUDA will whoop the ass of anything that will ever come out of the sandy bridge alone. Also you need to be aware, that not only do you need the right mobo to use that part of the sandy bridge range, but applications need to be specifically designed to utilise this technology aswell, so unless you get the right software, you’re up shit creek anyway. You’d really be better off buying an i7 and a shit hot nvidia GPU. Also i7’s have hyperthreading (if you get a 1366 socket type) and that will help a ton with all manner of things.

          • Hmmm interesting to know 😀 I guess the i7’s will also be much cheaper then as well!
            The reports I read on SB had said they were well surprised by the hd editing performance, a massive step beyond what is in the current range. I guess it could make for some very cheap pc’s down the track, but I doubt you’d be able to play anything beyond Plants vs Zombies on them. I don’t know, this whole direction they’ve taken seems wasteful in so many ways…
            *scratches head

  • Word of warning to anyone considering a Steam purchase of Test Drive Unlimited 2. Its a whopppping 15 GB download! :O Also, the day 1 DLC which is included in other places is not included in the Steam purchase. :/ Hopefully it wont cost too much more down the track. Also, day 1 DLC just seems like a removed part of the game purely for the purpose of profit. I know this is what keeps game companies going, but at least wait a month before releasing the DLC to make it look like an after sales added extra…

    Urgh, I have my whingies on today. Must make more coffee.

    • $350 is too much. Way too much. If I don’t win one in a competition, I’ve resigned myself not to get one…

      I know I’m sounding like a spoilt brat, but Uni students aren’t made of money…

      • Methinks if Kotakau were to have a 3ds competition, there would be fierce, fierce, competition.

        I may not /need/ any of the money I earn, but I’ll be damned if I don’t really like it!

  • Nohandle!

    What does this even mean?
    and makes shortys drop drawers!!!”

    Also remember that episode of The Simpsons when we found out Homer writes letters to movies? “Dear Diehard…”
    I have done something similar to Mark in Ask me Stuff.

    I am laughing much more than my feeble joke deserves!

  • So Cliff Bleszinski said on Twitter “I’d comment on that Kotaku Kinect rumor that just hit, but I can’t find the article in their new confounding layout. Oh well!”

    Told him to come leave a comment on Kotaku Australia. Hanging out to see if he does or not…

    • Woah! Just had a look at the US site to see what you meant…haven’t been there for months and months. I’m so glad I just stick around here now, that layout is migraine-inducing. I gave up trying to figure it out. I’d be surprised if any new readers of the site bothered to try and find anything, it would be way easier to just go somewhere else. Whoever approved that needs to be fired.

      Also, the Gears/Kinect story was actually linked right there on the front page though. 😛

      • I’m sure Mark tweeted that it was NOT changing to ‘that’ format. I have not seen it but recall reading this earlier?

        • We’re def not changing to that format. We have our own redesign in the works – but we’re keeping the blog format, just tidying up comments for you guys and some other visual stuff. Ben White’s working on it – he sometimes posts here. I can get him in here to expand a bit if you guys are interested?

          • Good, I know you guys will do an awesome job, giving the au community something tailor made for us.

            Also also also, Mark, should check out some trails HD times ive posted ie 2nd level on medium.

    (© 1998 CapComputer)




    *”Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…”

    • Well, I don’t know why I came here tonight, I got the feeling that something ain’t right…
      So I guess I’ll just


      • Just realised, I didn’t say “and I’m wondering what it is I should do” Damn, that would have worked so well.




        WHAT DO YOU DO?








            GAME OVER.





        WHAT DO YOU DO?
        > CAST: FIREBALL
        > USE SPLASH
        > EVOLVE




            WHAT DO YOU DO?!
            > CHANGE CAREERS

          • > CORRECT SPELLING


    I bought Trials HD finally.


    I think i posted some reasonable times for my first fling at it. Adds heaps more to the game have all of your fine names pop up on the leaderboard.

    • Welcome. It sure is more fun when you can see others on the leaderboards. Be sure to send slightly offensive messages on Xbl when you beat someone.

      Good luck mate.

      • let me know how you get on with that. I have 1 successful repair (2-3 years and still going strong!) but about 3-4 that have worked for 2 weeks then failed again? I used the Xclamp fix from Germany for all of them, no heat gun, just using the reheat/overheat with the fan disconnected after the repair… If you have better luck, let me know what you did.

    • Feel free to add me if you want another to compete with – lord knows I could use another active player who isn’t FatShady.

      gamertag – sledcommando

  • My Dad is going to buy a Toyota Aurion sometime soon. The Toyota salesman he’s been talking too has a rather interesting last name. His last name is Butt. No, seriously, I’m not kidding. Poor guy. I bet he’s glad he’s not a school teacher…

  • I know some fellow Kotakuites were complaining about the price of the 3DS. Well how about this for a pre-order deal.

    First 200 to pre-order from Dick Smith get the 3DS for $298 as well as a free game of their choice from Rayman 3D, Ghost Recon 3D or Raving Rabbits 3D.

    (I don’t work for them or anything – just offering to those who thought the 3DS was too expensive).

    Linky here:

      • But it is still $50 off RRP – much better then anyone else has offered yet… You can also use the coupon HIGH5 to get another 5% off and get it down to $283.

    • As a matter of principle, I’m not going to do it (even though I can actually afford this one) because it is STILL $50 more than the American RRP…

      Also, slightly off topic, but:
      Mark, do you know when we should be recieving our copies of Ghost Trick? I have a mate who wants to try it, and I told him I won a copy that I could lend to him.

      • I’m not gonna buy it either. Despite that I could afford this too, I don’t find it value for money. This plus region locking, I predict the following headline in the future:
        “Nintendo 3DS and game sales very low in Australia, Nintendo points finger at piracy” cuz we be a pirate country ARR! 😛

      • I’m choosing to look at it this way, at that price ($300 that is), it is an almost direct conversion from the Japanese price of 25,000 yen, so, I consider it to be a fair price at that point.

  • was playing minecraft last night and I got so excited when I finally dug down deep enough to see some new blocks! EEEEE!! Something besides cobblestone!! Turns out it’s bloody indestructable bedrock!! ARRRRRRRGGGH!!!

    • Yeah mate, read the tip I left you yesterday. The bottom 5 layers can contain bedrock, come up a further 5 layers, and just dig a massive tunnel (will take some time) but at that level you will find many diamonds! 😀

    • WOW!
      They are amazing!!!! You topped yourself within two comments. A few questions..
      Is the blonde below Etrigan Zantanna or just a hottie in fishnets?
      Who is the xwoman above spiderwoman? Cos it’s the Livewire character model from Superman TAS.
      Am i a thief if i just downloaded all of these?
      Did you find yourself looking at the last one for just a little to long?
      That one of Harley and her gun is my alltime favourite. I finally got to the Harley Origins episode last night, they left it three before the show ended for good.

      • The blond is Black Canary, you HEATHEN!

        Don’t know her name but she was from Mike Allred’s crazy run on X-Force, which was rebranded X-Statix just for him.

        There was another more exciting than the last for me, after relooking I can’t recall which one…

        My fav Harley is the one with the film.

  • **Minecraft Server update**

    My server is still laggy as hell so not happy to get you guys into it. It does work, but to open a chect can take between a second and 40 of them!!!

    So, i propose an alternative.

    There is a US based server that is public and seems to be a decent group of guys on it. The basically wanted to create the single player experieince but with more people.

    The server details are

    Just enter this in the multiplayer details and it should work. Type t to start text chat.

    It seems like a bunch of people are just now building their houses and making a space for themselves.

    I think it could be a bit of fun to make a team of sorts and work on a project together within this server.

    What would be good is a dedicated chat channel or system or something. I have used teamspeak, xfire but there may be others. Can someone suggest a chat system that we can all access and use while playing?

    It will give us something to do until another server can be sorted out???

    Also, I just decided that we should all get a uniform. I will try to make a kotaku player skin!!!! that would be freaking awesome. If anyone has made a player skin before, let me know where to start… there are some kool ones out there!

    Let me know if you want in?

    • Sorry man, if I could, I’d run my own server. You know I would be capable of running it. But I’m not living in my own place yet so I have to follow the rules of two trolls I live with :P. I will be in my own place in two years but so much could change by then in terms of what we’re playing.

      I’ll be up to joining that server, but I won’t be building anything big. Depends on how quiet we can keep this. Cuz I don’t like going to a server I don’t know, you could get anybody there that could easily ruin your day. If I try to build something grand and spectacular, the next day it might be destroyed by some random that loved TNT too much.

      So what I’m gonna do is make a place FAR away from everybody else, and build a massive tower to help guide me back rather than a torch breadcrumb path. I just gotta make sure I don’t die lol

      Oh yeah and I’m sticking to my Sora skin, that’ll be my uniform xD

        • Well I’ve got 256k cable modem at my place. I didn’t see any impact while FatShady was running around my server. He had absolutely no lag from what he told me. It shouldn’t take much at all to run it. I think that the server we tried has too much allocated bandwidth for their currently running games and it isn’t enough for minecraft connections on top of that. My theory anyway.

        • Read up on it but it seems to take quite a bit. Even if you kept it small it would still chew through your bandwidth. In saying that, if you have a good cap or unlimited plan it could be worth looking at?

    • The easiest way to make a skin is via the minecraft skin creator thing, it’s some program, I don’t know where it is, but I’m fairly sure you can find it via the minecraft wiki.

      If you don’t use it, you have to edit the texture based on a simple basis system, and it’s not too hard, but you’ll want to remember to change the colour atlas for the image, as it’s very limited to begin with.

      • My theory.

        1pm in Aus is 8PM in Chi-town, where this is hosted.

        So, everyone is online now and maxed out the server.

        The time difference should work in our fav:

        AUS Chicago
        7PM 2am
        12AM 7am

        If we play all night, everyone will be sleeping in the US so there *may* be room.

        Not a bad theory huh? We can test it out later tonight and see what happens?

        • Seems hopeful 😀 Shame about the dedicated one though, would have been good to know our creations would be safe.
          Can you add me on Steam? Username: Qumulys

          In other news, I just went to the Netherworld. Looks heaps good, collected some glowstone before I ran back to the sunny safety of my little pond. 😀

  • Qumulys!

    Your xbox is en-route!

    Funnily enough, I *did* find it difficult to get to a post office the last couple of days 🙂 But it’s in the mail as of this morning and will probably get to you early next week?

    • *removes all clothes
      Proceeds to to a Ren & Stimpy happy happy joy joy dance in front of the Kotaku world.
      I ammmm sooooo pumped to be finally able to join in the Trials shenanigans. Thanks a heap Batguy, a very touching thing you did for me 😀 I cant wait for the box of goodness to arrive, I wont sleep!

      Hows the little guy going? Got used to the whole nappy thing yet? All I remember was a sloppy green abomination one day that made me lose an awesome schnitzel roll I had for lunch.

      • He’s doing really well, came home just last night. Nappies don’t bother me too much right now but I’m pretty sure they get much much worse…

        I’ll give you the tracking details for the package later tonight. Then you can spend the next few days obsessively hitting F5!

  • I’m going to start getting my xbox games through online shopping.
    Having heard of the delivery times for ozgameshop…

    Can I please source recommendations for reliable online stores?

    • I haven’t had a problem with OZgamehop to be honest. Hasn’t taken longer than 10 working days (apart from the Christmas period/Heathrow closed craziness at the end of last year.)

      Zavvi is ok, they just seem to take about 12-15 working days on average for me.

      Those are the main two I use, the third being eBay.

    • My brother ordered Black Ops from Ozgameshop on a sunday, received it on the Monday of the following week (as in 8 days later). No problems at all.

      • I’ve bought from game-lane, they are quite good.
        I’ve only ordered from them once, I bought NFS:HP Limited Edition for PC for $60. Only problem was that when the game came out, they found out they wouldn’t be able to import the LE, so they asked me if I wanted a full refund or just a refund on the difference between it and the regular edition ($5) and they would ship that version to me instead. I chose to get the regular instead of the full refund, and that is how I started my career as an ultra l33t street racer…

    • I’ve used OzGameShop a fair bit and never had a real problem. What you need to remember is they’re still coming from the UK, even though it’s called OZ game shop.
      So basically they’re as fast, if not faster than most other things posted via Royal Mail or whatever the UK AusPost equivalent is called. That is to say, unpredictable.

      The important thing is that OzGameShop do everything tight on their end with friendly customer service and prompt dispatch. What happens after though is out of their hands.

      • That sounds good, I had heard of some bad experiences (2 weeks+) with OzGameShop.

        Their customer service people were pretty good, yeah, quick responses when I had a question about their DA2 preorder.

          • I asked about the DLC content (they use UK versions) and whether it would work on Aussie Xboxs/PCs.

            They promised it was all 100% compatible, and Google seemed to back it up. The discs for Xbox games often even have UK/Euro stickers on them, so I think it’s compatible.

            I hope they’re right…

          • If it’s anything like other UK game versions’ DLC you definitely have nothing to worry about. I’ve bought Australian DLC for UK games and it worked, also codes for UK DLC that came with UK games have worked fine in the AU store.

          • From what I was told right here in TAY.

            PS3 games are region free but DLC is not

            360 games are region locked but DLC is not.

            Good one major corporations…another win for stupidity!

          • I’m pretty sure the reason UK DLC is compatible with AU games and vice versa but US is not is the old PAL/NTSC divide, but yes the whole thing is an exercise is over-complication and moronity. wait, is ‘moronity’ even a word? Oh well, it is now.

    • Sorry, I was out all day. And all the comic talk and server technobabble makes my eyes glaze over. 😛

      OH! I replied to you in Tell Us Dammit….

      • You in Bris, right?

        Head down to the local library, book a comic called Kabuki: Alchemy by David Mack.

        Then we can talk comics.

        Also I replied to you in thingy…

        • I’m bad at library stuffs, I read things quickly and then forget I have them so I get loads of fines.

          I did some research on that Kabuki series though and it’s interesting enough sounding that I may just buy it.

          • The library sends out emails 3 days before books are due and then again if late.

            But yeah Kabuki is great.

            Circle of blood is also worth a read and if you like them…everything else.

  • I’m on Triple J at at about 5.30-5.45 talking about Guitar Hero if anyone’s interested. Thought I’d give you guys the heads up.

  • Can anyone confirm or deny what I read on Wikipedia today?

    Appaz on PS3s, even though PS3 games r region free, PSX and PS2 (if u got it) remain region locked!

    • The more I research the PS3 the less I want one.

      I’d be better off chipping a PS2 so I can import still, play all the various region games I already have and stick with my 360 for contempory gaming.

      I was always a little worried that I made the wrong decision switching sides…but then I got to play all the sweet RPGs Sony doesn’t have.

      • Just put a US PSOne disc in my PS3 – “The disc could not be started due to region restrictions”. Pants. Was hoping it would work.

        If you can afford a PS3, get one. There’s too many great exclusives to miss out on. I love my PS3, it’s my main console now, any multi-platform releases I buy the PS3 version.

  • woo, just found a brand new copy of Shin Megami Tensei Persona4 at EB Games for $27.

    This is my first Persona game, but I’ve always read very good reviews and comments of them. Thanks Belmont, EB.

  • I justed grabbed the EB Games catalog, and there are a couple of decent bargains for anyone who has nothing to do this weekend.

    Final Fantasy XIII PS3: $37
    Grand Theft Auto IV PS3: $28
    Mass Effect 360: $20
    Halo 3: $28

  • Anyone else know if, or even when, You Don’t Know Jack is being released down under?
    I’m nearly pooping myself with excitement over it being released in the US already, and I don’t want to import!

      • In case you are serious, sorry. 😛 And as far as I can tell You Don’t Know Jack is only releasing in America but on every platform known to man so depending on your hardware you could import.

  • Guys. I just realised I won’t be able to make the CheapSkate Gamer next week, so I’ll need someone to take over for a week!

    Perks include:
    – You become awesome
    – Mark loves you more (can’t guarantee this)
    – you get to make a guest CCG comic!

    Also, I’m sure VGP would be kind enough to help you out if you asked him/her (I still don’t know their gender, lol) nicely!

    So, can I get a volunteer?

  • Ok.. so I’m playign minecraft last night. Finally got the ingredients to make some TNT~ w00t! This could be fun!! So I set about making some, and then thought.. how am I gonna light this up…
    So I sat the TNT on some rock about 2 or 3 squares away from a little drizzle of lava.. while I was deciding whether to try torches or buckets of lava to light it, out pops a little fizzling rock from the lava stream, and lands on the TNT… BOOOM! Right in my face! Major facepalm moment 😐

    • ROFL!!! That is awesome! I’ve not made tnt yet myself (but I made a Portal in it yesterday), but I would imagine you could light it with an Iron ingot and a flint?

      Also, I’ve decided from now on to only build/explore very close to the spawn site, for these whoopsie moments are painful to take when you’ve got a big load. But if its close to spawn, and you race back to the incident site, all the goodies you lost will still be there.

      I’m having a ball with Minecraft I must say. At first I was like, ‘hmmmm so whats the appeal of this?’ Then I followed a wiki guide and survived the first night and was like, ‘ok, that was pretty cool actually’ then it just grew on me more and more as my brain went ‘I wonder if I could…’
      It just has that special charm.

      I really must encourage other ppl to give it a go (looking specifically at loops here, who has been missing….) just like FS and others encouraged me to try it. Yeah, I know, its not as easy to buy cause its not on Steam, I get that. But it truly is worth the time to set yourself up with this game. Just make sure you follow some sort of guide to help you through the first ‘what the heck do I do’ day/night cycle.

      • Easiest way to set off tnt is to punch it, it flashes a little bit, then explodes. You jsut have to remember that it becomes “physics” activated after it’s set off, so it will act like gravel, and fall down after you punch it.

    • A red ore switch works, or you could just punch it. If it’s not ‘activated’ by something explosive, it has a fuse of a few seconds, allowing for you to run away and cower under something.

    • Haha thats like that youtube vid where some guy is making a tutorial on how to build a fireplace with a permanent fire, and it goes terribly wrong and burns his whole 3 story house down.