The Beautiful Hair And Big Swords Of Some New Final Fantasy Figures

Glimpsed by Stephen T at the Toy Fair in New York over the weekend, Square Enix's Play Arts line is about to include three more Final Fantasy figures, all of them crowd favourites.

Selling for around USD$50, and going on sale in Japan in June, the three figures are all in their Dissidia forms, being Cloud (Final Fantasy VII), Squall (Final Fantasy VIII) and the badass Judge Gabranth (Final Fantasy XII). There aren't many accessories included, as these are "normal" figures (not GIANT, fancy ones), but a giant sword each is enough for these guys.

Cloud is looking a little...delicate, but Gabranth is looking his normal, classy-yet-mildly-terrifying self.


    Oh god I do want that Gabranth action figure.

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