The Loneliest PS2 Game Is Also A Novel

Popular Japanese author Miyuki Miyabe offers her take on one of the PlayStation 2's video games, Ico. The game's minimalistic plot might have left holes for you to fill. If you're not creative enough to do that, let Miyabe!

The game was designed by Fumito Ueda, and Miyabe offers her own take on the title. The 400-page novelisation is not canonical, and the author offers her own take on the game.

That's right, a famous person checked out a video game and turned it into a book! Miyabe is best known perhaps for her book Brave Story, which was turned into several video games for the PSP, PS2 and Nintendo DS.

Miyabe's Ico book was published in 2004, and it will be released in English around mid-year. Until then, feel free to make up your own prose about Ico. Worked for her.

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