The Man Who Beat Abe's Exoddus… Blind

A couple of weeks back we posted the story of Gareth - the man plays games despite not having the use of his hands. Now we've been alerted to the story of Terry Garret, who has been completed Abe's Exoddus multiple times, despite being completely blind.

As you'd expect, Terry's process of playing video games is completely unique, and it makes for fascinating reading.

First the movement of Abe himself is critical. He has a set number of footsteps per screen (running or walking). He makes a sound when he steps, sneaks, runs into a wall, pushes on a wall, hops, or pulls up on a ledge or just jumps up in place.

When I start each screen, it was to listen to see if I could hear a chat orb, a Slig, a mine, or a buddy to save, which always make noise. There are even sounds to tell you that there is a Slig in the next screen over, so not to just run in like an idiot.

When I need to find a lever or door to go in, or ledge to pull up on, I go step by step, pushing either control or 'up' in each spot until I find it. Then I remember the number of steps to find that ledge again. Sometimes, this is in the same room as Sligs or other things that kill me, which makes the save state so useful.

I can try the same screen as many times as I want until I get it, without having to do a whole section over again. Also, the sound is vital for other parts. chant orbs make a humming sound so I can tell they are there, the blinking bombs are better done by sound anyway so I am a master at those.

The creatures make noises, the spirit lock shakes and makes noise, and (most excellently) the motion detection beams even make noise when they touch you, which in a lot of games they don't worry about, but I am so glad you guys did.

Finally; the music. I know when the music gets scary and ominous, something bad is near me. As soon as the big drum-beats and dramatic music start, I know I am either going to die, or I better get my butt moving before I die. Even when I am invisible, the music changes after I lose the invisibility so I know I am not invisible anymore.

Truly incredible. We recommend checking out the entire interview, along with footage of Terry actually playing, at the Oddworld website here.

Introducing Terry Garrett; a man possessing a gaming achievement better than yours [Oddworld]

Thanks to Koz for alerting us to this.


    Wow. What a legend. Now that's a commitment to gaming.

    As Terry has mentioned, it's a credit to the people that made it to put in all those minor details in that eventually allow someone like Terry to be able to get through it.

    Incredible effort from Terry though, obviously he has alot of patience to play through a game which has alot going on in it.

    Especially as this is Exoddus, where they introduced the Fleeches, which are far more annoying then the Scrabs and Paramites combined.

    Absolutely mind-boggling. That game is hard enough with 20/20 vision.

    That's bloody amazing.

    Somebody get him a copy of Demon's Souls! :P

      And i found out you are a fellow Adelaidian. Yay!

      Oh, good suggestion. Would be very interesting to see how the audio cues from that game stand up to playing blind.

    He kind of looks like Matt Damon

      He kind of totally looks like Matt Damon!

        How wrong is it of me to point out that he doesn't know what Matt Damon looks like?

        I sense a movie tie in!!!!! Maybe Ben Affleck could play Abe!!!

          The heart warming, feel good movie of the summer.
          Matt Damon is 'Blind Exoddus'.

            In 2011 one man, blind from birth, will see his way through a strange land through the eyes of another in 'Odd Will Hunting'

              Hahahahahaha this is all so wrong

    That really is amazing, that game is not easy either!

    I remember reading somewhere about SlayersBoxeR (professional StarCraft player) playing blindfolded against a blind player, who regularly plays StarCraft despite being blind. I don't remember the details or the outcome though =(
    (Here's a thread with a dead link, but good to just read the discussion about it)
    I can't imagine playing a VIDEO game without having VIDEO. These guys are amazing.

    I can't even finish this game with full eyesight!

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