This Real Final Fantasy Sword Does Some Real Damage

As the main weapon from Final Fantasy VII, the "Buster Sword" is a video gaming icon. In this clip, a man makes a real, giant replica, then has another man run at a piece of wood and smash it to bits.

Hats off to the guy for making the sword, as it looks enormous (and for his earlier efforts at swinging the thing), but maybe including all that stuff about how your doctor said you couldn't carry it wasn't the greatest idea. It doesn't make for good theatre.

Luckily, the large man they get to carry the sword in his stead does make for good theatre.

Role-playing classic Final Fantasy VII was released on the PS1 in 1997. It did not feature any of these men, but really, the game could have done with a few more beards.

[via DTW]


    Holy mother of crap...


    That things people do..

    I think it's fair to say that that is all sorts of awesome. Now if they could just get a guy by the name of Cloud with long spiky hair that's strong enough to wield it...

    I think an axe could've cut better. He was merely bludgeoning the wood with the weight of the sword. Granted, if metal, its probably damn heavy, and as we see hard to swing with the blade's edge downward etc.

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