Your First Brief Look At Battlefield 3

Battlefield creators DICE will give us our first peek at the long-awaited Battlefield 3 tomorrow, February 4, in video teaser form. But the latest Game Informer magazine cover gives us a small hint at what to expect.

Visually, Battlefield 3's art has the same vibe present in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and its Vietnam expansion, but it's the decimated environments that may offer the biggest clues to the next Battlefield game's big selling point. GI mentions a few new technical features, including animation techniques borrowed from the EA Sports guys and an "exponential leap in destructibility."

Keep an eye peeled tomorrow for the first teaser for the upcoming PS3, Xbox 360 and PC game.

March Cover Revealed: Battlefield 3 [Game Informer]



    CANT WAIT FOR BF3!!!!!!

    Jets or GTFO! :P
    titan mode..use aircraft carriers =]

    gahh so excited!

      Yes, needs more naval combat!

    I used to love reading game informer, but man has their quality spiralled in the last few months.

    was really keen for this game when it was going to be a PC exclusive but not anymore now its going to be crappy since they will just want a quick buck and it will be just as buggy as bfbc2
    EA accountants need to quit.

      Love how people can predict the future like this...

      Was it ever going to be a PC exclusive?

      I think you need to relax man, sure when games are also out on console the generall quality goes down, but compare BF2 and BF2 on xbox. They were almost completely different games. The case will be the same for BF3. They won't try and port the PC version over to the console because it's a completely different experience.

      You will have your dedicated PC experience and then your console experience. Lighten up man. It will still be fun nevertheless.

    Bracing myself for the worst. That way I can't be disappointed.

    Been loving BC2 online for months now, so I'm very keen for this. Haven't touched a COD game since I started playing BC2!

    But for the love of god, make it less bug-ridden than BC2. I can't remember the last time I got through an entire session of BC2 online without having to restart my console at least once.

    And I can't believe that the game has been out for this long and they STILL can't fix the bug that sometimes tell you you won when you actually lost or vice versa. How hard is it to figure out if a player was on the winning or losing side and then inform them of the fact? You can still tell by looking at the actual animation that gets displayed, but something as fundamental as displaying the correct text message on screen should be a no-brainer.

    So you take away our Conquest and 1943 because you're working on BF3.. It better be damn good DICE!

    Oh and don't forget to include the prone Chewbaccas..

    Don't rush it! I want perfection!

    I don't think a Kotaku article heading has ever excited me as much as this...


    Let's just hope it's a true sequel to Battlefield 2, rather than a sequel to Bad Company 2.

    Commanders and more need for the use of air transport AS air transport. I miss 2142 hover physics. Heli's in that were unreal. Not that powerful but can deploy men that can be a very big threat.

    Judging by that art work and that supposed game cover - DICE are just using Copy & Paste.

    I don't understand the whole Bad Company then Bad Company 2 which was different to the first so not much of a sequel NOW Battlefield 3 which isn't a Bad Company game yet seems to be looking more like Bad Company 2. Hmmm

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