Captain Australia To Make An Appearance At The Mana Bar

You may have heard of Captain Australia, the masked vigilante who (apparently) patrols the mean streets of Australia preventing crime - he once calmly talked a young shoplifter out of stealing a Mars Bar or something. He also featured on A Current Affair recently. Now the Mana Bar - Australia's first Video Game Bar - has dedicated a night to Australia's first real life superhero, with Captain Australia confirmed to attend.

Now, I don't know about you - but is this some form of madness? Isn't this the perfect opportunity for Australia's first real life Supervillain to peer out the woodwork and unmask Captain Australia? Or perhaps this is a cunning ploy by Captain Australia, intended to smoke out his potential enemies?

Maybe Guy 'Yug' Blomberg, co-owner and proprietor of the Mana Bar, is Captain Australia himself. Have you ever seen the pair of them in the same room at the same time? Yeah... thought not.

Captain Australia Appreciation Night [The Mana Bar]


    lol the costume looks like something his nanna knitted for him :P

    If he is going to be at the Mana Bar who is going to protect the streets :S

    The kangaroo earpieces are a nice touch.

    We need somebody like him in Melbourne too, plenty of drunken thugs to practice on :P

      That makes so much sense it's scary.

        I say this a lot. Police are failing here, a reaaal epic fail, Melbourne has become a Gotham City without Batman.

          Dude, go to Corio in Geelong. The place is a hole and THAT'S where police are failing.

          granted Melbourne has problems with violence in the city but the police here are much better than other places in Australia I know.

    I like the Australian themed Captain America style costume. I hope this guy doesn't get severely hurt sometime, though, because that is a possibility...

      At which point he'll have some bones replaced with metal, also some of his nerves will be damaged to he can't feel pain. Or he'll take some other type of experimental treatment and gain superpowers/become a robot cop.

    This is an obvious trap by Captain Australia's enemies to capture him.

    If 'Yug' Blomberg doesn't turn out to be a super villain I'll be sorely dissapointed.

    I wonder if Captain Kiwi (complete with silver ferns for wings on his mask) will be there?

    I suspect visions of this dude perched on rooftops and curb-stomping muggers will soon be washed away when it's finally revealed he's advertising Zoo Magazine or whatever the hell he's up to.

    Time to attend a few more of those marketing lectures you used to always skip on Friday arvos, in favour of $2 jugs at the guild tavern?

    Cpt Wanko, now there was a super hero...

    i saw him about two weekends ago, walking through the valley (in Brisbane) getting filmed for something

      Has anyone actually seen him, you know... fight crime?

    When this fool is inevitably beaten or shot in the leg or run over by a commodore or set on by a pack of dogs, I will laugh.

    Is he wearing garden gloves?

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