Concept Art Makes Me Wish StarCraft: Ghost Comes Back To Live

Blizzard's ill-fated console spin-off, StarCraft: Ghost, has been "indefinitely postponed" since 2006, thought not technically canceled. And while I was never personally a big fan of the way StarCraft: Ghost played - I played it at two E3s long ago - this fan-made concept art makes me want it.

This is the student work of artist Paul Hyun Woo Kwon, "Shiramune" on deviantArt. He set about redesigning and re-imagining Ghost star Nova and a few of her Terran allies for an art class project last year. So don't get any ideas that Blizzard is now reviving the StarCraft: Ghost project just yet - they still have Diablo III, more StarCraft II and an all-new MMO to knock out.

But Kwon did do an internship at Blizzard Entertainment last year, so maybe his talents helped spark some interest in getting Ghost back on track.

Kwon's take on StarCraft: Ghost imagines it as an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game, a third-person shooter more than the stealth game originally planned for the GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2.

See more of Kwon's impressive artwork, from StarCraft and beyond, at his deviantArt account.


    That second shot just screams Fafnir to me... anyone else getting that?

      Maybe if the Fafnir's twin gauss were replace with four long toms...

      I honestly first thought it was an Ultralisk wearing armor before I realised it was a thor XD

    Ghosts are stealthy assassins. Not run-and-run style soldiers. If you're going to make a shooter that isn't based on stealth, make it based around Reapers or something, not the stealth units. :/

      Shooter parts to a stealth game aren't bad, breaks up the game a little in the same manner a performer will have speed based levels in with perfect timing levels. That said, more sneaky than MGS would be a great idea - hell, I'd settle for more snipery than ghost walker. On a related subject, gamasutra reports the guy who designed Thief now works for valve.

      Honestly I think they should make a carrier game - the idea of controlling 8 separate fighters plus the main ship sounds pretty winner.

    pfft i always wanted this more than SC2 and now i'm really pissed they canned it. Not like they aint rolling in drug moneyz :P

    I only really enjoyed the last image. The others are cheesy and overdone. The first few just didn't inspire me at all /troll

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