Death Rally's Return Remains A Must Play

Death Rally is a cool little top down car combat game coming to the iPhone and iPad from the folks behind Alan Wake, Max Payne and of course, the original Death Rally.

The original was released for computers back in 1996 and published by Apogee as a top-down perspective racing game with guns. In the original (now available for free) you started out with a $US500-or-so VW Beetle and competed in armed car races to win money to upgrade your ride.

I've been playing around with an early build of the iPad version of the game for the past few weeks (it's coming to the iPhone too). Not much has changed in the game, you still play from a top down perspective and you still have to learn to master the tight turns and unforgiving controls of the weaponised rally race. The graphics, of course, have been upgraded, giving the game a much more detailed look.

I was a big fan of the original, and I remain a fan of how the iOS version is shaping up. I haven't spent nearly enough time to master the controls, as you can see in the video, but the game seems to have the same vibe.

Like the original game, the remake will also include in-game cameos from characters drawn from other titles. Confirmed drivers include Alan Wake's Barry Wheeler, Duke Nukem, John Gore from Minigore and Angry Birds' Mighty Eagle.


    I loved this game!

    Awesome game (original), but the controls look crap (current). Can't they just give you left and right like in the PC version? That would be way easier.

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