Ever Wonder Why Dragon Age II Came Out So Soon?

Dragon Age was an epic role-playing game. Sequels to those kind of things normally take years to be released (just ask Elder Scrolls fans!). So why did Dragon Age II come out less than 18 months after Dragon Age?

The game's composer, Inon Zur, may have an answer for you. "Unlike other titles from Bioware, this [score]was kind of a rush job", he tells IGN. "EA really wanted to capitalise on the success of Origins, so the game was really being pushed hard to be released now."

Now, I'm knee-deep in a certain other game for review, so I haven't had a chance to check out Dragon Age II yet. So I can't speak for its quality. But just on principle, that does not sound like a constructive way to approach the development of an epic role-playing game.

Anyone who has played it, does it feel, well, rushed to you? Let us know below.

Composing for Dragons [IGN, thanks Shinta!]


    I'm going to give it a smash tonight, so I guess I'm going to find out later. I hope its good, EA is starting to sound like Activision a fair bit now after reading that. *cough* guitar hero *cough*

    I do have a few 'disagreements' as it regards to DA2 Signature Ed--firstly, why romance fully clothed? Feel cheated since Origins & Mass Effect 2 showed a bit more pixel-flesh. However, I do like that you have to work for your romance choices.

    Pros: Brilliant storyline (I won't take anything from that). Okay, had to be said. I extremely appreciate the game's tie-ins from the DLC's and Origins. Absolutely love the game! Keeping me busy, this is for sure.

    Cons: Also, I found a couple of bugs in-game: Hawke character arm position locks in a hunch-like position, the game froze several times.

    So, what's the other game? Mass Effect 3? Elder Scrolls? Do tell :)

    Well I can't say I'm a massive fan of the manual combat on the 360 version, makes it feel a bit too hack & slash for my tastes. Its not exactly simpler, you still need to use the right tactics and all so its not worse its just different.

    Story wise its fantastic though, seems a worthy sequel so far (I think I'm halfway through now)

    Well if that is the case the lack of content and graphic detail shows.

    The composer's comments confirm what I've suspect ever since the release date was announced, especially after Awakening, which started strong and then fell apart as Bioware was clearly being pressured to get it out fast so they could start on DA2.

    I'm only a third of the way in, but I would definitely agree that it feels rushed, mostly in terms of character development. The story's okay, but spending the first act doing endless FedEx quests hasn't helped me engage emotionally with my character or the game as a whole.

    There are also some random technical issues I've found, minor stuff, but things that should have been caught in QA. Overall, it's not up to the standard I expect from Bioware. I guess this explains why.

    I hope they don't f**k up Mass Effect 3 like this game. I also hope they make a Dragon Age Origins 2.....you know an actual sequel.

    Sounds about right. EA are at the forefront of the paid DLC wave. I could completely see them rushing out a 1/2 sized game that everyone could beat (as opposed to Origins, which many suffered fatigue before the end, therefore didn't bother with the DLC) and then just having DLC for longevity.

    It's a great business strategy. Charge the same for half a game then charge again and again until the original full sized game is paid for over and again.

    Finished DA2 last night..

    Looking at my DA original saved game - 80 odd hours played whilst DA2 was less than half that and it's completed. Kind of sad really.

    Oh and anyone finding they find the companions lacking? Sure you can be friends or develop a romance but the characters just seem to pale when compared to the interaction you could have in DA.

    It could have used more time to improve content and remove bugs. Heck, officially I can't even *play* the game because a DRM issue prevents me from starting it! Pre-ordered and everything, still no patch, and I've finished the game twice now via a hacked .exe out of sheer frustration.

    It's no Dragon Age Origins and personally I think it would have scored better as a stand-alone game rather than a sequel. Fans expected more.

    That said, I don't think time was the biggest issue for the sequel, but certain design changes from DA:O. Would time have improved it? Certainly. But the things I didn't like most would have stayed the same, I wager.

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